Welcome everyone to my sweet and tiny world or handcrafted deco sweets!

My name is Mini Mo and I'm classic Lolita living in United Kingdom.
I've first heard about deco sweets in 2010 and I fell in love with this hobby from the start! First I worked with polymer clay as it's the most popular clay outside of Japan, but then I moved on to different air dry clays which are originally used by Japanese deco sweet artists. I've learnt the basics of deco sweets from blogs, tutorials on the Internet and from Japanese books (mainly from the illustrations as I can't read Japanese!) and after some time I started to develop my own techniques and individual style. My main inspirations come from shabby chic, English country style, Lolita fashion, professional desserts and French patisseries.Creating deco sweets is one of my main hobbys (apart of sewing and drawing). It gives me great satisfaction when I see people's faces when they see tiny sweets and they smile and laugh! And it's not only children that adore handcrafted deco sweets, adults also love them too! It's a great pleasure seeing grown ups smiling at clay sweets reminding them that inside they are still playful children :)