Saturday, 26 March 2011

Miyu's first clothes and take away!

Hey everyone!

I know that I haven't been writing much about clay sweets recently and I'm sorry! Hopefully it will change soon :) It's not like I haven't made anything new. I've been creating some more charms for my cafe, not so sweets ones, more like take away food :) I also made some snacks for my Miyu too :) although I need to make her some healthy food too! I just need to learn how to make nice lettuce from clay!

She finally got new clothes from Nine9 Style and Collcat Collection. I was a bit affraid that they may not fit because Miyu is more human like shaped rathen that typical anime figure. I also got new acrylic eyes, in sky blue :)

I noticed that her hair became more straight. They should be wavy but I don't mind. I kind of like her like that :) I also got my new Winsor&Newton soft pastels and I will make her new face up with proper eyelashes soon.
I also need to make her some underwear, especially padded bra! You can see why, I don't have to explain :D
The t-shirt is from Nine9 Style and I like that it's stretchy so it fits her perfectly. The white scarf was a free gift from them! :) The leggings and socks are from CoolCat Collection and when I got them (I bought pink ones too) I thought that they are too small, but I easily managed to put them on. Thank God they are stretchy! :D
The shoes are from Soom and they fit perfectly! I wish I could have boots like this....
I still need to varnish all the food she had. I was impatient and I wanted to take photos when I had free time, meaning on my day off and also because she finaly got new clothes :) I might add some tomatoes to this burger too :)
After having some take away junk food, Miuy decided to have some dessert too. First she had chocolate & banana ice cream wafer. It wasnt ebnough (she loves sweets!) so she bought two small ice cream cones.
"Hmm... which one should I eat first?.."

 Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for stopping by! :)

Friday, 25 March 2011

First steps into Lolita fashion world

Hi everyone!

I only knew a little bit about Lolita fashion before but recently I started to get deeper and deeper into this fashion :) I think I've said before that I'm a bit conserned that i might get affected by "Lolita virus" and yes, I think I got the bug! :D  I've been also visiting F Yeah Lolita Blog for a while now and now I started following it officialy :) It's full of inspirations and advices too! :) I think this blog was one of the biggest reasons why I got affected by this "cute Loli bug"! :)

Being honest, I was a bit worried because I thought that Lolita fashion can be expensive, but I never follow any trend with blind eyes. I only get inspired by elements I like and then I create my own style. And so I got onto my favourite shopping website: eBay! :D I've already order tons of clothes, yeah mostly used as I think that if you care properly about them, they can be used for years and years. And you can get really nice pieces there too! Hopefully I will have courage to show you what I've chosen! I'm too shy and I dont know if I will look good enough to take some photos...

I still have some problems with accessories, especially shoes. I'm not a big fan of thick soles. I do like high military boots but I dont think I could wear these classic high lolita boots on my days off! :D And so I decided to go for nice ballerina flats and maybe I will add some bows or flowers to them :)

But today I would like to show you a brand of shoes I totally fell in love with: Irregular Choice! I think they could be a good alternative to chunky and sometimes too infant looking typical Lolita shoes. Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy! :D

Monday, 14 March 2011

Because girls love strawberries, pearls and gold...

Long time no posts about clay sweets! :D

I'm back with new creations! I've mentioned some time ago that I made some LED candle holders and I'd like to show them to you today. There is also new pen/makeup brush holder too :)They all are inspired by Valentines Day but somehow (ehm.. me being lazy?...) they were not finished by the V day... I'm not gonna say much because there is not much to say about them :D Just want to add that it was hard to take photos of them with flickering candles! :D I will be adding all of them to my Etsy soon (when I slap and force myself to do it ^o^ ) Enjoy!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Miya's first photoshoot :)

Hey guys!

As you could see in my previous post, I got my very first resin BJD but she came without face up, because I wanted to do it by myself. I've done first one couple of days ago but I messed it up.... I was too impatient and I didn't wait long enough for MSC to dry and just at the end, while adding some more colour to her eyes, I scratched her eyelid with brush! :( I mean I scratched only paint with coasting revealing resin underneath. But it scared me to death because I thought I scratched actual resin because the patch looked so white! I started removing face up with acetone free nail varnish remover (which I luckily didn't bin! ). I have to say that I felt physically sic, thinking that I damaged my dear doll's head! But after removing whole face up I discovered that her face is totally undamaged :)

Yesterday I made her new improved make up and here you can see some photos from her first photo shoot :D

I'm trying to be really careful with her and not to take her into direct sunlight because I don't want her skin to turn yellow :(  But I did put her by the windowsill for a couple of minutes today to take some nice photos :) I hope she will be OK... Also I don't have proper camera, only my Sony Cyber-shot and I don't know how to avoid this "magnifying" photo effect... And I had to use a bit of Photoshop help to make these pictures look nicer :D 

Hope you enjoyed this!
And thank you for visiting my blog!

Friday, 11 March 2011

The biggest earthquake in Japan

I've just read the news about the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I have no words to describe how horrible and tragic this is.... I don't know what to say...  I don't want to post pictures of this tragedy like others do because I think it's to horrid to watch... I feel deeply toutched by this.

I don't know how to say this in English properly. I am with you all and thinking of you deep in my heart...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Cherie is here!!!! ^_^ Photos overload! :D

I know that I said in previous post that I need a break but something amazing has happened and when something good is happenning to us we want to share it with peopl who are close to us. And I treat you as my friends (lame!.... :D ) and I would like to share my happy moments with you :)
What I want to say?! That my dear little girl, Cherie is here!!!!! :D
She arrived this morning at 11.30 at my work! I seriously almost got a heart attack! And for the whole day I couldn't believe that she's waiting for me upstairs locked in a box!
I won't say much anymore and just show you photos :) Only will mention that she hasn't got face up yet and clothes so please be aware: LOTS OF NUDITY! :D Enjoy! (photos not nudity! ^o^ )