Saturday, 25 June 2011

Busy with fabrics, lace and ruffles

I promised last time that I will write about deco sweets and I have to say that I got so much into Lolita fashion recently that I totally forgot about my promise and I'm so sorry! This will be just a short update post just to say that I haven't forgot about all of you and about clay sweets. I still have two markets coming soon, in July and next one in November. I won't make much more for July market because I would like to finally get rid of my old stock and focus more on Christmas themed sweets.

So just to include some clay sweets into this post I'd like to show you funny cookie photo frame I made some time ago. I really wanted to make alphabet biscuits and I invested in alphabet cookie cutters (damn they're expensive!).  I also decided not to get too excited with whipped cream and keep everything more toned down and a bit more classy (although the frame says "I love cookies" which is not too classy :D )

So like I said I got more into Lolita fashion although I don't think I can call myself Lolita yet (thanks Cute_shalott! :D ), because I don't have proper Lolita wardrobe yet and I still don't know enough about this fashion. I have this Bodyline skirt, which is cute but I think it was an impulse purchase and I think now that it's too sweet for me. I might sell it maybe.... We'll see.
I've also been sewing too. I said that I will make skirt first but I started off with more complicated project: JSK. It's still not finished yet but I can show you a sneak preview of it. I took this photo late in the evening so the colours are not the same as in reality. I really hope that I will finish this JSK successfully. I'm a bit afraid that the bodice might be too small for me :D

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading it! If you'd like to know, my next post will be about lovely gifts I received from my friend from USA, Rin :) Thank God I took photos of yummy chocolates I got from her, because they disappeared so quickly in my mouth! :D

Till the next time!

Hey everyone!
I hope that everyone is having lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Poof, poof what a perfect afternoon!

Hello everyone!

I'm getting into Lolita more and more and I'm becoming a bit obsessed with it but only because it makes me so happy recently :) If you read my last post, then you know that I had some bad experiences with Lolita shopping on eBay. Thank you all for your comments and advise, it helped a lot! I joined EGL community too and I've been visiting EGL Sales every day just to check if anything interesting will show up. And so I bought some clothes recently, from EGL and eBay  (me naughty!) and I'm really pleased with what I bough. Ekghm... Pleased is a wrong word... I'm ecstatic! :D
First I am very pleased to say that I found Bodyline second hand items on eBay from UK sellers so I saved on postage. I found this lovely Bodyline skirt and I didn't even know that it will come with hairband, matching bow and back bow tie! I also bought white Fan plus Friend shirt from the same seller. Bargain! :D
I received small necklace as a free gift too!
Now I have my first nice Lolita set!

I've been sewing lately too, trying to make my own skirts. I've been browsing on the Internet for patterns and tutorials, and I decided to make simple skirt from rectangular shape instead of circle skirt (I still have shape cut out so maybe I will finish it anyway...). I can't say that I'm 100% pleased with it, it was more practising and learning how to make ruffles, gathering etc. I also used wrong fabric, not cotton but suiting fabric, which didn't crease well and I had to properly iron ruffles and the top.
Next time I will use proper cotton fabric or maybe something like chintz (which is a bit stiffer and heavier than cotton). I really like Bodyline skirt fabric, which doesn't feel like normal cotton. I need to figure out what type of fabric it is...
So my next plan is to make nicer skirt and then to learn how to make simple JSK. I already have pattern from 1950's for a simple dress which looks exactly like JSK and I'm waiting now for another pattern which looks like Mary Magdalene dress. Can't wait!

You probably wonder what the title of this post means? Well this afternoon was perfect because I received many lovely parcels. I got parcel from Rin and I totally loved it! With all the cute stuff, sweet chocolates and gifts! I'd like to write about it and show you everything, I just need to ask for permission :D

I also got this Bodyline skirt, shirt and my other order from EGL Sales: my very first Lolita petticoat and bloomers! Imagine 10 year old kid on Christmas day, finding presents that he always dreamt of - now imagine me feeling just like this kid, running around my flat, wearing Bodyline skirt with my new petticoat and saying "Poof, poof!" My boyfriend thought I got mental... :D I thought that my old, not so Lolita skirts with underskirt were poofy, but I didn't know the meaning of this word. My God! Poofiness feels so good! My cheeks blushed and I didn't want to take this skirt and petti off! Now I know why girls fall in love with Lolita fashion. It make you feel so good!

But now I will feel a bit more embarrassed when wearing this outfit outside. I thought that my old clothes were "different" :D I also will have to think how I will manage to get on the bus!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise that I will come back to deco sweets posts soon! :)
And thank you for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lolita shopping experience & my first coordinates

Hey everyone!

I'm back again and today I'd like to share with you about my first Lolita shopping experiences and show you (finally!) some of my Lolita style clothes. I don't own (YET!) any branded Lolita clothes or even off branded. Well I do kind of but I will explain that in a moment.

First when I got into Lolita fashion I decided to try buy normal, high street clothes in Lolita style and make my own Lolita wardrobe, only because typical Lolita clothes are more expensive and I was a bit sceptical about purchasing clothes from China or Japan. I have to say that this decision was good and bad at the same time, because I wasted a lot of money on clothes that are not enough in Lolita style only because I bought them as a second hand from eBay (oh my eBay addiction! :) I wasted money mainly on skirts and dresses as they were the hardest to find. On the other hand I succeed in finding perfect Lolita style shirts :) I was amazed that most of the high street brands (and not only) sell white high collar or ruffled shirts!

I am too shy to take photos of me wearing Lolita clothes and my excuse is also a fact that I don't have any large mirror to take photos of me :D And so I decided to take photos of my clothes without me :)
I'm not too good with Lolita terms and I think this type of photos is called "coordinates". Please correct me if I'm wrong! :)
This is one of my favourite sets: just a classic white shirt, girly skirt and white socks. For anyone who want to say that this style is weird I can say that both skirt and shirt are from H&M, well known English (and European) brand, and so I'm just buying "normal" clothes for "normal" people but I put them together in my own style :)
As you can see the skirt has its own tutu (just one layer) and as a underskirt I used simple summer ruffled white skirt. Nothing special, just to add a bit of puffiness without going over the top.
For shoes I normally wear simple white ballerinas because I'm not a fan of thick sole typical Lolita shoes (I forgot their proper name!).

I also got tempted and purchased set of skirt and shirt (plus a tutu) from eBay seller based in China. I did it because it wasn't as expensive as branded Lolita clothes and I really wanted to have something which was made to be a proper Lolita outfit. I bought it in April and I was told that as it's a custom made item I will have to wait at least two months. Cool, I can wait. I sent them my measurements and I waited patiently. I finally received it just two days before summer International Lolita Day. I was so happy because I could wear proper Lolita clothes on  that day! But how disappointed I was when I opened the parcel and I noticed that they sent me wrong size of both of the items! :( They were at least 10cm too big in waist! I contacted the seller and they said that they can offer me 10$ for finding a tailor who could made them fit on me!! My boyfriend told me that I should ask for full refund but I'm not so good at arguing with people and at the end I agreed on 40$ refund (from 60$ total). I know, I'm a looser..... I will adjust the skirt because it's mega easy but I think I will sell the shirt as I don't know how to make it smaller.
Both of them are in very good quality, material and finish and it's a big disappointment for me that they don't fit :( This experience has put me off from buying custom Lolita clothes from Internet. On the one hand I'm so tempted because they look lovely and they are more in classic Lolita look, but on the other hand I don't want to wait two months and receive something too big again :(

My last hope is buying second hand clothes from other Lolitas or making my own clothes. Yeah, easy say than done! I actually started making my first Lolita skirt which will be simple circle skirt and I hope it will look good. This also gives me opportunity to chose colours I like, more toned and not so pink, because they draw more attention on the street :) I think I preffer beige, cream and grey colours with a bit of pink and turquoise details :) I hope this skirt will turn out well and I will take some photos too.

So what I have learnt from all of this? Well I think I still will be popping on eBay to search for nice Lolita style shirts but I will avoid buying dresses and skirts there. I will also try to learn making my own skirts and maybe simple JSK.  

I hope I didn't make you bored with this long post and I would appreciate any advice in Lolita subject. I'm still learning everything but I also try to be open minded and not to let myself be bounded with strict Lolita rules. I know that I will never be "proper" Lolita like most of girls on Internet, but I know that I will still have fun wearing this type of clothes :)

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Monday, 13 June 2011

It's been a while...

Hello everyone!
I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself (again!) but I had some problems recently and I had to sort them out. They are kind of health related and it's hard for me to talk about it with anyone because I don't want to make anyone responsible for me. It probably sounds confusing to you all but I really can't (or don't want to) say more about it. This blog is too cute and cheerful for this kind of subjects. Maybe I will create another blog for the dark side of my life :D

Anyway, in my last post I wrote about nasty comments and reaction to my Lolita style clothes. Well last time I wasn't wearing typical Lolita clothes but only pink colours and knee high socks and I got this horrible reaction from some young guys. Couple of days ago I decided to be brave and I went out shopping wearing more controversial clothes: bright "graffiti"style cute Lolita skirt, Lolita white shirt and white knee high socks.
Just when I left my flat and I was waiting for bus, some older lady stopped and said that I look gorgeous and I remind her youth when she was wearing high socks like mine but not white. That was so nice and it made me so happy! :D Later on when I went shopping, a gentlemen at one shop said that i look very summery and that totally made my day! :D That also proved to me that for the same number of nasty and horrible people, there is the same number or even more nice and friendly people!

Like I said I think I fell better now. I'm still trying to sort out my inner issues (and there is a lot of them! :D ) and I try to be cheerful every day. I haven't made any clay sweet recently, but I know that I should and I want to make some more small things for my second market day which is on the 16th of July. I still have month to go! :)
So what I've been up to for last week? Sorting out myself, watching anime, learning and discovering the Truth (don't ask! If you know what it means then you understand :) and getting more and more into Lolita fashion. Hopefully I will write about it soon.

Thank you for reading my blog and for stopping by here! :)

BTW these sweet desserts you can see on the photos are my Knickerbocker glory set which I made for my previous market day. The blueberry one is sold and I have two more versions of them (medium and small one). I will try to upload some more photos! :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rough week & new sweet treat photos

Hello everyone!

It's getting hotter here in UK and this week it's a half term and all the kids are off from school. That means that it's getting busier and busier at the cafe I work at. It also means that I get really tired and I'm founding it hard to make myself do anything after work apart of watching anime and trying to relax (and here I'd like to apologize for lack of replies to your comments and emails!!!! )
And I think that I've been unlucky recently. I overslept and I was late to work. Again!.. That resulted with giving me verbal warning from my boss... It wasn't bad but it still made me feel really bad about myself.
I was also laughed at when I went out for just a 15 minutes, because I was wearing (kind of) Lolita clothes. Some random guys laughed saying something about perverts and kinds clothes... Probably because I was wearing pink skirt and knee high grey socks... I know I shouldn't really care about it but just after that I accidentally locked old man in a beach toilet! (it is part of my job here) And that was too much for me and I spent whole evening crying... That's how my last week was with some more little incidents which made me feel like the worst person in the whole world....

I also had a conversation with my boyfriend about the freedom of choosing your own clothing style. Why is that everyone should wear clothes that are in the high street shops? I was told that these clothes are "normal" and mine are not. So I thought: "What makes certain type of clothes 'normal' and other not?" Well I think the answer is the majority of people and TV and magazines. And that really annoys me because we should have fun with choosing our clothes rather than try to look similar to others, so they won't laugh at us. I used o try to wear clothes that would make look attractive so other people would like me more, but now I don't. I don't try to look sexy or better than I do naturally. I wear clothes to make myself feel comfortable and to smile when I look in the mirror.

Wearing Lolita style of clothes brings me back to my childhood, when I was searching through my grandma's closet in search for long dresses and skirts, and pretending that I'm a princess or a country girl with garden filled with fairies :) I think that's why I felt in love with underskirt layers, puffiness of Lolita skirts and tons of lace on white shirts. I don't own a proper branded Lolita clothes (Yet! :D ) so I try to buy clothes that have Lolita style character and that is enough for me for now :) And I know that I probably change my style in the future because I change things in my life really often, but I hope that some of the Lolita style will prevail inside me. Maybe I will become classic Lolita Granny in the future! Who knows? :D

Thank you for reading this, whoever you are and for visiting my blog :)

Mini Mo

PS These two photos are my simple fake sweets without any practical purpose. Just for sweet home decor! :D