Friday, 28 January 2011

Sweet Lolita Table Lamp

Hey guys again!

I've just posted and entry about my miniatures but I have something else I would like to show you and it's not that tiny so I didn't want to mention it in my previous post. I've decorated this adorable lamp some time ago and it's been sitting in my drawer for a while and now it's finally time to show it to the world :)

It is about 13" high and it's not a classic lamp with normal bulb, but with LED so it won't overheat the lamp shade. That's why I was able to decorate it without being scared that it will catch fire! :)

I used modelling paste and decorations I made by myself from air dry and polymer clay.

You can take it off from the base and attach it to a shelf clip, which would fit a shelf 50cm thick.

The top shade's angle is adjustable.

Here you can see the shelf clip. The plug is UK type but you can easily change it to other type plug (the cable can be unplugged).

If you're interested you can purchase it at my Etsy shop :)

Hope you enjoyed this picture heavy post and thank you for visiting my blog!

First steps into miniature world

Hello everyone!

I haven't been here for a while, because I was getting into new hobby's, strongly related to making deco sweets. I really got into miniatures and dollhouses, just like I mentioned in my previous post. I bought lots of 1/12 scale furnitures but now I've decided to try to make my own. I know, I won't make any complicated book shelves but I think I would manage making a simple table or a chair :)

So far I've learned how to make mini baskets :) Here is a picture of one I've made. The only problem I had was a wrong type of glue. I needed a quick drying glue and I only had a superglue, which left "wet" stains on it so I had to paint it white :) Next time I will use  a tacky, quick drying glue.
The roses I used are the cake decorating ones, I've mentioned long time ago in my post about useful things :)

I've also been baking a bit and I made these little Victorian heart cookies.

Like I said I'm totally new to miniatures and dollhouses, so first I bought already painted white table and wall cupboard. Next I found really nice website with cheaper wooden furnitures. Painting them can't be that hard and I would like to make them look "shabby", because I just love this style :)

Here you can see one of these kitchen units. The only things I made by myself here are the wooden spoon and cookie cutters. I made them to be only decorative items, but I might use them as a cutters for my next cookies :)
I don't really know how to take proper photos of miniatures. I only have  a digital camera so after I have to play around with Photoshop to make these photos look like taken with professional equipment :P So any help with how to improve the look of them will be much appreciated! ^_^'

I also plan to make my own dollhouse. It's just a plan in my head for now, although I already have wood, nails and glue for it. I even bought some wallpaper and fabrics for carpet and curtains to force myself to actually start building it :) Yep, I sometimes need a big slap to get myself to work! :D I will try to keep you updated with all the progress :)

As for my life, I've noticed that my eyes have been going bad lately, especially when looking at the computer screen, so I was forced to get my eyes checked. I've never had to wear any glasses and now I do. I kind of like this idea because I love geeky style! I might decorate them with mini sweets on the side! :D Oh, so many ideas in my head a being born! ^__^ I might post a picture of me with new glasses, when I buy them ( out of money again!... ) and if I will be brave enough for that! :D 

Here's the link with the tutorial on how to make miniature basket. Enjoy! :)
Next basket tutorial, which I haven't tried out yet

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for visiting my blog! :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dinner for Shmucks & Miniatures inspiration

Hello again!

As most of you know I love crafting and playing with clay. It all started about an year ago just by learning how to sew and make handbags etc. Next I discovered polymer clay and I learned how to make jewellery.
Then I heard about silver clay and spend a little fortune on materials and tools to make my own silver jewellery, which are still waiting for me in my drawer :)  Next was the whole decoden culture. And couple of days ago I thought that this will be the end of my search for new crafts, but how wrong I was... Just randomly I 've visited "Evangelion's Handmade" blog and I felt in love. I was never interested in dolls, dollhouses and miniatures. I did like it but it never moved my heart until yesterday, when I saw dolls, handmade by Mei. They are just adorable! I couldn't believe that human hand can make such a sweet things! Now I'm waiting until she will add some dolls to her Etsy and I will definitely buy one! :)

She also makes miniature items, and they were the main reason why I got infected by a "miniatures virus" :) I've been visiting blogs about miniatures from time to time, but Mei's blog was the one that totally converted me to this hobby. I have to say that I'm a bit worried because I realize that it could be very addictive and expensive hobby, but I just couldn't help it! :) Straight after reading her blog, I checked eBay and bought some furnitures and tiny accessories, and now I'm waiting for my tiny parcels :) I was also considering buying a proper (but used) doll house, but I stopped myself in time. Or my boyfriend stopped me, saying that I already have plenty of crafty stuff in my room and first I need to sell all my things on Etsy, making room for other things I want. I'm glad that I have him, otherwise I would end up with rooms filled with clutter I love! :D So the idea of buying doll house has to wait for later. The plus is that I have cool shelves in my room which actually look like doll house rooms and I will create my "house parts" there :) I will be posting pictures while making things here. I am really excited about it and I can't wait to make tiny pillows, cakes, cookies, etc! I will still make deco items but at least now I will have a little more diversity in my hobbies :)

About the title of this post: Dinner for Shmucks.
Have you seen this movie? It's a really funny movie, where one of the characters creates miniature sceneries with tiny mice :) Long story short, he's the shmuck, meaning the crazy one. And when I decided that I want to try out miniatures hobby, I realized that I probably will be like him : a shmuck crazy about miniatures :)

Hope you enjoy reading this and thank you for visiting my blog!

Laurita's third giveaway!

Hi guys!

I'd like to tell you about super giveaway which is hosted by Laurita on her blog. You can win adorable diares! :D Check it out by clicking on the image below! And good luck to everyone! And me! ^__^

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Decorate you desk with fake sweets! :)

Hello everyone!

I've been taking a lot of photos of my items because I will be back to work from monday :( and I wont have much time to do that then. I'm also still adding new things to my Etsy at the moment like these sweet desk pen organizers :) I must say that I'm a bit proud of them because noone else have made them before. I've seen a lot of plates decorated with fake sweets, especially on japanese blogs but they didn't really have any particular purpose, exept of being a decorative item. I always wanted to make something like that, but for me it has to also be practical.

I made two version of these pen holders, strawberry and chocolate one :) I want to make some more, but for now I finaly  have to start selling, because I'm running out of space in my drawers! :D
I hope you will like my new items and I'm looking forward to hear what you think.

And I'm glad that the situation with massive floods in Australia is getting better and Tiff is OK. We all think about you! :D

Thank you all for visiting my blog! :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Chocolates, winter blues & Etsy

Hey everyone!

I don't know why but I think I've got a winter blues virus last night and it's still affecting me this morning.  I feel so sluggish and I don't really want to do anything, apart from lying in the bed... Maybe it's this English weather and lack of sun today?

I felt a bit better yesterday and I've made some real chocolates. Yes, they are real, not made from clay :) Some time ago, one local lady (regular customer) came to our cafe and gave us some truffles she made. I can't say they were nice, rather a bit chewy and too buttery... But she made me think about trying to make some truffles on my own and here you have some :) Some of them are made by hand and then dipped in melted chocolate, and some are made using silicone moulds. I covered sides with chocolate, filled them with fillings and then covered with chocolate again. A bit pain to make them all and really, really messy.......

So I gave most of them to people at the cafe downstairs, because I like making chocolates, not eating them (I have to burn them off after!!! :P ) and I left some for my friend.I want to wrap them somehow but I haven't hot any chocolate boxes leftovers... :( I will have to figure out something.

Even if I'm affected with winter blues virus today, I still found some strengh to force myself to add some new itmes to my Etsy, like these cute donut hair pins. There are more flavours there and I also added some whip cream hair pins too. I've lowered shipping costs for these items as well, because they don't weight much so it's pointless to charge the same amount like the other items :)

I hope that my virus wil go away soon and I will be able to enjoy my holidays like I should...

And thank you for stopping by here and I hope you've enjoyed this post! :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Long time no proper posts! :D

Hi guys!

Long time no see! :D My giveaway is finally closed and most of the prizes have already been sent :) I have to say that it was a brilliant experience and I will definitely make another one, just don't know when :)
I have my week off now and this gave me some time to finally tidy up my room and all my craft clutter :D I also have some time to take pictures of all of my finished products and I will be adding them slowly to my Etsy shop :) I have so many of them! New phone charms, like macaroons, cupcakes, donuts and cute cookies, and also some new things :) So stay tuned and check my blog and Facebook for updates :) 

So far I've added new classy but still cute and delicious dessert pendants to my Etsy. They are made from air dry and polymer clay and they all come with free 24'' silver plated necklace. at first I thought that it would be too long, but I was told that it's always better to have longer necklace and then make it shorter to your likings, rather than struggle with too short one. And apparently longer necklaces are fashionable right now. I don't know because I don't follow fashion... ^__^' There are four flavours of these pendants so everyone can find something they like :)

I've also made some sweet brooches in two flavours, chocolate and strawberry. I bought lots of these adorable spoons and I just couldn't think of what to make out of them. I didn't want to make phone charms, because they are too heavy and they could damage or scratch phones. One day it stricked me and I made them into these delicious brooches :) They are approx 5.5cm wide and 7cm long (where the spoon is) so they could make a sweet but still classy accessory not only to your wardrobes but also as a bag charm :)

I have also further lowered my shipping costs on all of the jewellery and phone charms. I've done it because I've finally decided on my packaging after my market day and the giveaway. I've noticed that I can pack them quite professionally and I don't have to put them into chunky jewellery boxes, and that cuts postage costs a lot :) So all the products look more professional and clients can be happier with lower shipping costs. Everyone wins! :D

I also have been reading some of my favourite blogs recently and I've noticed that things are changing now. Some people move on with their lives and I see them less and less here in our blogging world. Some of them decide to craft less or don't post as often as they used to. And I have to understand that and respect their decisions. Crafts and blogging are less important and everyone has to focus on things that are more valuable for them.
I just can't stop feeling sad... It feels like I'm loosing friends. Maybe it's because I've lost so many of them by moving here to UK and now I get too emotional by the smallest lost :) I just all want you to know that you have friends here and we won't forget you :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for looking! :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Giveaway Results!!! :)

Hello everyone!

I bet you couldn't wait till the results of my giveaway! And here the are! :D

Zoe Belle Fry
Candy Sanctuary

Congratulations to all winners!!! :D

As you can see there are 10 winners because most of you had three chances to win, so some of you have won two prizes! How lucky! :) And I noticed that when I announced this giveaway, I posted photos of only 11 items so now you will see the last prize which wasn't shown before. I'm sorry for that but at least it added some secrecy to this giveaway :P

But this is not enough :) I also added a secret gift for every winner. I hope you will like it :)
So here are the photos of prizes that all of you have won:

I was thinking to make a video of me picking (hmm I don't know the correct word for this... :D ) the winners, but I think it would be too long as there were 12 items to win :) So I just took some quick photos. And please forgive me the quality of them! My camera's battery was dying so I had to hurry up! :D

So congratulations again to everyone and thank all of you who participated!
I will try to contact  everyone via email or Facebook or Twitter. If you haven't left your email yet, please contact me on my email :) Don't forget to add your nickname so I will know who is who :) I will post all the items on Friday, because it's my next day off and I normally don't finish work till 5 :( Hope you don't mind.

Thank you again everyone for this brilliant giveaway experience! ^__^

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Giveaway closed!

Hi guys!

First I would like to thank all of you who respond to my giveaway! I'm so happy and excited! :D
Today was the last day when anyone could join in and now I have to close the entry... I have counted all the participants and here is the complete list with multiple chances:

Erdbeer-Rei x 3
Cheri- Cheri x 3
Destiny x 3
Anna x 3
Lena Tallina x 2
Candy Sanctuary x 3
Prancingbee x 2
Zoe Belle Fry x 1
Rin x 2
Tzel x 1
Fran x 3
Melanie x 2
Poisonblooms x 2
Dolcemente ???
Sweets x Holic x 2
Riechan x 3
Sweet x nothings x 3
Ammorin x 2

I'm not sure if Dolcemente would like to participate. If you're reading this please respond asap, because I can't locate you on Facebook, here on Blogger or on Twitter, so I don't know if you would like to take part in this giveaway!

Please check the list if I've missed anyone or maybe I haven't counted a vote or something. It's my first ever giveaway so I could make a mistake! :D

I will draw the lucky winners tomorrow after work (yes I'm working tomorrow -__-'' ) and I will post the list here. I don't really want to look for any fancy programs on the Internet so I will propobaly draw by hand :D I might take a video if I won't be too tired after work (it will be very busy day... ). I will contact winners by email (if you've left any) or try to do it via Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you again everyone and I wish you all good luck!!! ^__^'