Sunday, 29 August 2010

Day two - my first Fimo creations.

I've been thinking what I should write today or what to show on pictures. I didn't have much time as i was working all day :( and i was really tired. So i decided to show you my first polymer clay creations. I've started playing with Fimo around year ago and i haven't got bored of it yet :) I actually don't remember how i got into polymer clay. I think i saw some hand made earrings on eBay and i thought: "wait a minute, if they can do it, i could do it too." And so i bought loads of fimo colours, as well as metallic and transparent clay, and i started creating. I remember looking at some ice cream charms or cake pieces, and i was wondering: how the hell did they make this cream so perfect? :D
Now i now: fake whip cream!

These are my very first Fimo charms. I still have them! They are not very perfect so i couldn't use them to make bracelets or something like  that, because they just don't look professional :D I remember how i tried to copy icing on the doughnut! Haha! No i know that i have to use fake liquid icing (like 3D paint) not polymer clay! And i spent ages trying to make little cream dollop on top of cake piece! And now i know that its easier to use silicone, fake cream or just mould. But as some say: "You learn every day" :)

 Now this is something random. I wanted to make little bag charm. You can't see it on picture, but it's all covered in black tiny hair from dust. Yeah, I'm still learning how to prevent dust sticking to your clay while varnishing it :( 

Now these are my first earrings made from Fimo. At the beginning i was obsessed with little cute skulls. As you can see i was planning to sell some of them,but sadly it never happened... These pink little buttons are nor Fimo actually :P They are just buttons glued onto silver plated studs. Just another idea, but i think many people has done it before :P
And here are my more professional attempts :D I tried to make polymer clay feathers and join them with silver plated findings.
This is my first "reduced" polymer clay starting kit. I think i bought about 30 Fimo blocks and i still have them! :D Now I'm just using white clay with little bit of colour. As you can see i didn't buy any expensive tools. I got cutting knife from my boyfriend. I used dart to make holes :) I got little icing plungers and a tool for making icing flowers petals. And a funny thing: this white and brown thing on the bottom is (i think) porcupine spine :D I found it in my boyfriend's stuff and i started using it (don't ask me how he got it, i don't know :D ) It's actually really useful thing. It's very thin on one end and thicker o the other one. And please don't tell me it's animal cruelty! :D No animal was hurt! :D

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