Tuesday, 31 August 2010

More of the old creations

Hi everyone!
I won't write much today, because I'm really tired after work, and i just couldn't get myself to make or do anything :( I will probably be more crafty productive next week as I'm starting my almost two weeks holiday from Friday! Whoop whoop! :D So today i will just post some pictures of my a bit better clay things and hopefully i will make something new tomorrow :)

These are my first biscuits and cookies. As you can see i was trying to achieve this realistic cookie texture and colour but it didn't work out :D Maybe the one on top middle is the best one but rest is just crap :D But i must just say for my defence: I'm still learning! :D I use silicone bought in B&Q as a cream and i made a mistake by varnishing it! It's just gone yellow after some time. So now i know: not to varnish silicone anymore :) The one thing i found hard to achieve was to keep little details firmly attached into silicone. They seem to fall out after some time, especially if i use these as a phone charm etc. I'm planning to use soft plastic glue to keep them in place. I just need to buy it :P yeah, in the future...

I think this was my first fun with making ice creams, cream and 3D paint as sauce :) I bought these small size wine (?) glasses in charity shop one day (i still check charity shops for more mini glasses :P ) and i decided to make some kind of dessert. And i still haven't figure out how to decorate cream with 3D paint so it would look realistic :( I've got two more of these glasses so i will try something different in the future .

I also tried to make some bitten chocolates :) I like to decorate them with little dollop of cream and i don't know why, i like to stick mini flower in it :P I know it doesn't look like real chocolate, but i just like it that way ^__^" The funny thing is that the big heart had a cream on top too. I attached itwith my bag char to my travel bag a month ago when i was going home to Poland. When i came back it was already gone! I think i lost it on the plane! :P So this is next thing to figure out: how to attach silicone cream firmly to already baked clay :)

And this is some more of my sweet jewellery. Smiley clouds, dolly mix necklace and ice cream set :D I've spent ages looking for tiny wooden sticks and randomly i found thin coffee stirrers on eBay :D I just cut two ends off and use the rest of it as a stirrers for resin or other things. Nothing is wasted in nature! :D

Hope you'll enjoy reading it! :) I will try to make some new things soon as i gave rest of things i made to girls i work with :)


  1. Ohhh what a good idea using the coffee stirrers for the lollipop sticks! I will try these for sure!

  2. Thank you Emma! Yes they are reallu usefull. I usually cut the both ends off for ice creams and use the middle for stirring things, like paint or glaze. Nothing is wasted in nature! :D