Friday, 27 May 2011

Sweet treat plates selection

Hello my dear friends!

I've said before that I've taken more photos of sweet products I made for the market and today I'd like to show you sweet treat plates selection :) I wanted to make plates like this for long time but I was a bit worried that they won't have any practical purpose for potential customers, but desire to create them was so strong that I just couldn't resist and here you can see the final products!
This first sweet tray was made totally by luck. I had it for a long time and I couldn't find any idea for it. The ice creams at first were meant to be bag charms but I made them too big (for my standards..) and just on the last day before the market I decided to glue them on this tray. It still was to boring for me so I added this mega cute sticky lace around it and guess what? I glued ice creams wrong way around! I was left with the lace joint at the front and I had to figure out how to cover it and that's how this cute little cookie found its way onto this tray! :)

I also made some ice cream wafers with trimmings and sweet wafer "pipes" filled with whipped cream. I remember having them when I was a kid back in Poland :D They were longer that the ones I made and they didn't have this chocolate drizzle :)

Here is one of my favourite ones although I struggled with composition for this deco plate... My boyfriend told me that it's a bit too much on it but I really wanted to add both millefeuille and the filo pastry petite four (I didn't know how to name it... :)
Anyway I like it and I'm really pleased with my new pastry sheets. They were made individually and then painted and glued together to imitate the real pastry sheets.
I have to say that I haven't heard about charlotte cake before until I saw the fake one somewhere on Japanese blog and then the beautiful one on the Dolce Mente's blog. After that I had an idea stuck in my head to make one and now that I had plenty of fruit pieces made I could finally put it together in cute little charlotte cake :)
I did have a few problems with it, mainly with sponge fingers. I didn't measure them properly and I was left with a gap and no sponge fingers left, so I had to remake them and measure everything properly :)

The last dessert was actually inspired by my mom's sweet treat. She used to make this layered cake with sponge on the bottom, funny mixture of cream and jelly in the middle (her own idea :D ) and simple strawberry jelly on top. I just added strawberry slices and sweet deco on top :)
Now, I could tell you the secret of what is the top jelly layer made of but I will wait until someone will guess :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thank you for visiting my blog! :)

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