Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy swap times with Rin from ナチュラル系 Blog!

Hello everyone!

I mentioned in my previous post that me and Rin from ナチュラル系 blog organized swap between each other and I received a parcel from her last week. It was filled with lots of mega cute and sweet things! But it will be better if I show you everything rather than talk :)
Rin knows that I'm into Lolita now so she made me this cute knitted bow and I think I might add a lace onto it and make it into brooch for my winter coat or bag :) She also made me this kawaii drawing with mushroom girl! I used to draw a lot but I could never understand how people can shade so beautifully with watercolours! Amazing! Rin also included lovely letter and chocolate sweets. I ate them so quickly! :D Btw, Rin you have lovely hand writing and you're so lucky that I didn't write a letter to you because you probably wouldn't understand it. I have such a terrible hand writing! ^o^''
She also remembered about me saying that I get tired and stressed recently, and she got me this relaxing bamboo face mask. I've never used any cosmetics made from bamboo so this will be new experience for me. I also got cute strawberry lunch bag but I think I will use it a cosmetic pouch, because I have free lunches at work (I don't eat them though!... :P )

I have to say that I love attention/caution drawings on Asian packages :D They are so cute even if they show something dangerous (not in this case :D ). Anyway, I noticed funny drawing on the back of the face mask pack and I don't know what it means. It looks like a spot on a face? I can't tell because it's in Korean language :)

Rin also remembered about my crafting love and I got two packs of air dry clay, cookie cutters, cupcake and chocolate moulds. I have to admit that I wanted to try wooden clay for such a long time but somehow I never bought one, and now I can finally try it :) And I'm so happy that I got heart shaped cupcake liners too! You can't get them here in UK :D

I totally enjoyed this swap and I would love to do swaps in the future. I have to confess that because of these swaps I made recently, I got into "giving gifts" mood ans I started giving away things! :D I love to make surprises and give presents to people without any occasion.Who knows? Maybe you reading this blog will receive something soon? :D

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and till the next time! :)

And thank you, thank you Rin for everything! :D


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