Saturday, 25 June 2011

Busy with fabrics, lace and ruffles

I promised last time that I will write about deco sweets and I have to say that I got so much into Lolita fashion recently that I totally forgot about my promise and I'm so sorry! This will be just a short update post just to say that I haven't forgot about all of you and about clay sweets. I still have two markets coming soon, in July and next one in November. I won't make much more for July market because I would like to finally get rid of my old stock and focus more on Christmas themed sweets.

So just to include some clay sweets into this post I'd like to show you funny cookie photo frame I made some time ago. I really wanted to make alphabet biscuits and I invested in alphabet cookie cutters (damn they're expensive!).  I also decided not to get too excited with whipped cream and keep everything more toned down and a bit more classy (although the frame says "I love cookies" which is not too classy :D )

So like I said I got more into Lolita fashion although I don't think I can call myself Lolita yet (thanks Cute_shalott! :D ), because I don't have proper Lolita wardrobe yet and I still don't know enough about this fashion. I have this Bodyline skirt, which is cute but I think it was an impulse purchase and I think now that it's too sweet for me. I might sell it maybe.... We'll see.
I've also been sewing too. I said that I will make skirt first but I started off with more complicated project: JSK. It's still not finished yet but I can show you a sneak preview of it. I took this photo late in the evening so the colours are not the same as in reality. I really hope that I will finish this JSK successfully. I'm a bit afraid that the bodice might be too small for me :D

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading it! If you'd like to know, my next post will be about lovely gifts I received from my friend from USA, Rin :) Thank God I took photos of yummy chocolates I got from her, because they disappeared so quickly in my mouth! :D

Till the next time!

Hey everyone!
I hope that everyone is having lovely weekend!

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