Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Poof, poof what a perfect afternoon!

Hello everyone!

I'm getting into Lolita more and more and I'm becoming a bit obsessed with it but only because it makes me so happy recently :) If you read my last post, then you know that I had some bad experiences with Lolita shopping on eBay. Thank you all for your comments and advise, it helped a lot! I joined EGL community too and I've been visiting EGL Sales every day just to check if anything interesting will show up. And so I bought some clothes recently, from EGL and eBay  (me naughty!) and I'm really pleased with what I bough. Ekghm... Pleased is a wrong word... I'm ecstatic! :D
First I am very pleased to say that I found Bodyline second hand items on eBay from UK sellers so I saved on postage. I found this lovely Bodyline skirt and I didn't even know that it will come with hairband, matching bow and back bow tie! I also bought white Fan plus Friend shirt from the same seller. Bargain! :D
I received small necklace as a free gift too!
Now I have my first nice Lolita set!

I've been sewing lately too, trying to make my own skirts. I've been browsing on the Internet for patterns and tutorials, and I decided to make simple skirt from rectangular shape instead of circle skirt (I still have shape cut out so maybe I will finish it anyway...). I can't say that I'm 100% pleased with it, it was more practising and learning how to make ruffles, gathering etc. I also used wrong fabric, not cotton but suiting fabric, which didn't crease well and I had to properly iron ruffles and the top.
Next time I will use proper cotton fabric or maybe something like chintz (which is a bit stiffer and heavier than cotton). I really like Bodyline skirt fabric, which doesn't feel like normal cotton. I need to figure out what type of fabric it is...
So my next plan is to make nicer skirt and then to learn how to make simple JSK. I already have pattern from 1950's for a simple dress which looks exactly like JSK and I'm waiting now for another pattern which looks like Mary Magdalene dress. Can't wait!

You probably wonder what the title of this post means? Well this afternoon was perfect because I received many lovely parcels. I got parcel from Rin and I totally loved it! With all the cute stuff, sweet chocolates and gifts! I'd like to write about it and show you everything, I just need to ask for permission :D

I also got this Bodyline skirt, shirt and my other order from EGL Sales: my very first Lolita petticoat and bloomers! Imagine 10 year old kid on Christmas day, finding presents that he always dreamt of - now imagine me feeling just like this kid, running around my flat, wearing Bodyline skirt with my new petticoat and saying "Poof, poof!" My boyfriend thought I got mental... :D I thought that my old, not so Lolita skirts with underskirt were poofy, but I didn't know the meaning of this word. My God! Poofiness feels so good! My cheeks blushed and I didn't want to take this skirt and petti off! Now I know why girls fall in love with Lolita fashion. It make you feel so good!

But now I will feel a bit more embarrassed when wearing this outfit outside. I thought that my old clothes were "different" :D I also will have to think how I will manage to get on the bus!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise that I will come back to deco sweets posts soon! :)
And thank you for visiting my blog!

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