Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rough week & new sweet treat photos

Hello everyone!

It's getting hotter here in UK and this week it's a half term and all the kids are off from school. That means that it's getting busier and busier at the cafe I work at. It also means that I get really tired and I'm founding it hard to make myself do anything after work apart of watching anime and trying to relax (and here I'd like to apologize for lack of replies to your comments and emails!!!! )
And I think that I've been unlucky recently. I overslept and I was late to work. Again!.. That resulted with giving me verbal warning from my boss... It wasn't bad but it still made me feel really bad about myself.
I was also laughed at when I went out for just a 15 minutes, because I was wearing (kind of) Lolita clothes. Some random guys laughed saying something about perverts and kinds clothes... Probably because I was wearing pink skirt and knee high grey socks... I know I shouldn't really care about it but just after that I accidentally locked old man in a beach toilet! (it is part of my job here) And that was too much for me and I spent whole evening crying... That's how my last week was with some more little incidents which made me feel like the worst person in the whole world....

I also had a conversation with my boyfriend about the freedom of choosing your own clothing style. Why is that everyone should wear clothes that are in the high street shops? I was told that these clothes are "normal" and mine are not. So I thought: "What makes certain type of clothes 'normal' and other not?" Well I think the answer is the majority of people and TV and magazines. And that really annoys me because we should have fun with choosing our clothes rather than try to look similar to others, so they won't laugh at us. I used o try to wear clothes that would make look attractive so other people would like me more, but now I don't. I don't try to look sexy or better than I do naturally. I wear clothes to make myself feel comfortable and to smile when I look in the mirror.

Wearing Lolita style of clothes brings me back to my childhood, when I was searching through my grandma's closet in search for long dresses and skirts, and pretending that I'm a princess or a country girl with garden filled with fairies :) I think that's why I felt in love with underskirt layers, puffiness of Lolita skirts and tons of lace on white shirts. I don't own a proper branded Lolita clothes (Yet! :D ) so I try to buy clothes that have Lolita style character and that is enough for me for now :) And I know that I probably change my style in the future because I change things in my life really often, but I hope that some of the Lolita style will prevail inside me. Maybe I will become classic Lolita Granny in the future! Who knows? :D

Thank you for reading this, whoever you are and for visiting my blog :)

Mini Mo

PS These two photos are my simple fake sweets without any practical purpose. Just for sweet home decor! :D

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