Friday, 16 December 2011

A bit of everything ^^

Hello everyone!

Nothing really special has happened to me recently. I've been working more days on my request, because I spend to much money on Taobao shopping and hopefully I will pay everything back in two weeks... I got most of the things last week and now I'm only waiting for furniture for my doll and winter stuff from HMHM ans Surfacespell. Yes! I ordered this amazing cream embroidered coat! :)

I also tried to craft a bit, mainly sew clothes for myself and finally some new things for my doll. I added some photos on my FB but I will try to post some of them here, because previous ones are too dark for my taste.

I also wanted to make this shabby memo board for some time. I finally got the vintage picture frame, which  at first was supposed to became a jewellery display box, but it's too big for that. My boyfriend cut mdf back for it and helped me to attach it to the back of the frame (I'm not allowed to use his tools ^^ ).

I really wanted to take photos of my casual Lolita I wear on my days off. I couldn't take photos of myself so I got this standing mirror. I still think I look weird, a bit chubby because of the angle but hopefully I will practise more and my next photos will be better :) 
This is my outfit for today's quick shopping. It's Metamorphose blue floral skirt and cream coat from H&M. I got this coat from EGL and I thought it's HMHM because I didn't read the description carefully! It's not as long as normal Lolita coat, but I think it's acceptable. At least people can see what skirt I'm wearing ^^

And my cute bag from Taobao. I like it so much and finally I can hang it on my shoulder, not like my previous handbags, which didn't have long arm strap! ^^

My boos are from eBay and I don't think they are any particular brand. I love them so much and I have at least four pairs in different colours :) I do want to get some typical long Lolita boots, but I can't find them in cream colour, only white... 

I hope I will take some nicer photos next time!
And thank you for visiting my blog!

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