Sunday, 24 October 2010

First day of selling my creations at my cafe :)

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

I promised yesterday that I will post some photos of things I've made for my boss :) Please forgive me the quality of all photos! I had to take them quickly in the morning, just before work :) I didn't anyone to see me taking photos :P Although my other boss saw me, but she knows that I'm a little wacko so she didn't say anything ^o^

At first, we were planning to pack all the items separately in cello bags and add little label on top, but we found cute little stand and decided that it will be better to hang them on it. It even has a tiny heart on top! :D Here are some pics:

I wanted to print everything in blue just like I have it on Etsy and here, but I went for a pinky coffee colour, just because it blends into cafe background better (not that I don't want customers to notice them! :D ) I have also added a little note, stating that they are not edible items. Better safe than sorry! (hmm don't know if you say it this way... :P ).

I know that some of you may think that they are nothing special and are not really complicated, but I had to think about the type of customers that come to the cafe. I didn't really want to make too fancy things, because it wouldn't suit the character of our cafe and people just wouldn't buy it. I wanted them to be simple, quite cheap and similar to things we sell :)
I think that donuts are my favorite ones :) I made couple with jam filling inside of the bite, but you can't see it on pictures. But I made one major mistake - donuts with holes don't have jam inside! Silly me! But that just proves the fact that I haven't got much experience with sweets, I don't eat donuts :D

And here is my tiny hot chocolate with chocolate shavings, marshmallows and little cookie. I couldn't decide which picture I like better, so I've posted two :) I kind of like how the photo looks like, even with my digital camera it turned out a bit artistic! :D Lucky me!

We've started selling them today but we haven't sold any yet, although people were interested and were asking questions about them. Hopefully they will start buying them soon! :D
I'm looking forward to hear what you think about them :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this and thanks for looking!

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!"


  1. Ooh! So pretty! & happy belated birthday, by the way. :)

    There are so many @__@!
    How long did it take for you to make all of those? I hope lots of people buy them; they're so cute. I especially like the little hot chocolate cups. :D

  2. The coffee is AMAZING! I'm so bad at making crockery, I only do it when people ask me for special order :(.

  3. Rin:
    Thank you! :D There's acctualy 63 items! I cant tell you how long it took me to make all of these, because I was doing little bits and pieces every day after work, so propobaly a long time :D The worst thing is to "bake them", meanind brush them with pastel powder. It's so messy! :D

    I don't really understand word "crockery" :P If I understand it well, then I must explain that id didn't make these cups. No way! I woulkd have to buy special clay which is expensive :) I bought them on internet and make cookies and filled cups witch cream (Grace clay) and sprinkle witch Fimo chocolate and pastel powder :)

  4. so pretty! (and so cheap, wow!) I love the little coffee mug one with the cookie! Hope you sell lot's of these ^^

  5. Riechan:
    Yes they are cheap :D If you count materials you use to make them, it's not a lot. It's just work you do and time you spend to make them. But at the moment, for me it's not about the money and profit. It's about the satisfaction :D It's a nice feeling watching people being interested and smiling when they see these things :) It just makes me feel happy ^_^

  6. Oh, they're still cute lol! I thought you made the cups :). Crockery is just like cups and plates and bowls and that sort of thing.

  7. I think I would be mad If I'd decide to make 20 little porcelain cups! :P