Saturday, 23 October 2010

Never grow up!

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

I'm back again :) It's a bit awkward coming back to blogging after almost a week break. I feel like I forgot how to do this! :D Well hopefully it all will go well. I would like to tell you guys about lots of things but I won't do it today because I haven't got many pictures :P

 You may wonder what I have been doing for so long (or maybe you're not..). Well first of all I had my birthday last Monday :) Yeah, I'm one year older than I was before (if really you can be older that I am now lol O_o' ).  I don't really want to start talking about my thoughts about life, what I have achieved and all that blah blah when you have birthday and you look back at your last year of your life and think: what I have or haven't done? Well the only thing I would like to say is: technically I am old (well I think that I am) but I will never grow up :D I think I will be one of those grannies that wear etnies shoes and listen to metal music ^__^
And make mini deco sweets :D

So what I have done with deco sweets recently? Well I have finished custom phone and key charms for my boss and I can proudly say that she's selling them in her cafe (where I work). I was so excited about it that I totally forgot to take nay pictures of them so I will take some tomorrow and post them in the evening. So you wont think that I'm lying! :D I just have to do it before people will start coming in, otherwise i will look like a total weirdo! :D

I have also re listed some of my cupcake charms. I have changed cream from silicone to Grace air dry clay. Some people told me that Grace clay doesn't stick to anything but I actually love it :) I must say that I applied glue under the cream and on the little roses and leaves, so everything is mega safe now :D Indestructible! :D

I have also made loads of little components for cupcake picture holders. I am also planning to start decorating photo frames and cookie jars :) I just need to go to Ikea next week for supplies. Mmm, my beloved Ikea... :) And I have one little secret about what I will create soon but I won't tell you this yet. I'll just say that it's quite common among deco sweets artists, but I'm not sure what is it for, so I kind of created a use for it with a little twist. Hopefully it will look good :)

I also have some new items to list on Etsy so stay tuned and check out the news on Facebook! :)

Till the next time and thanks for looking!

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!"

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