Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halloween cupcakes and easy pumpkin tutorial :)

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

I have never really celebrated Halloween before and because of that I didn't plan to make any sweets with Halloween theme. But I recently visited my local sugar craft shop and they had these cute black cupcake liners with white skulls on them and I just couldn't resist buying them! :D And so now I have to make something from them so they won't get wasted, and the only idea I got was to make cupcake photo holders! :D
I have filled them with silicone (this is the cheapest way for me so far) and then applied some glue on it (after silicone dried :) and topped them up with air dry clay and "baked" :)

I must say that I was searching for a way to fill them with something and have proper looking cupcakes. Most of the cupcakes I've seen on other blogs (especially Japanese ones) were made with foil liners. I also found out that some people are using hot glue to fill them in and then they top them up with clay. I tried it and I must say that you can fill normal, paper liners with hot glue too :), but this way is too expensive for me, as you probably need two or more small sticks to fill mini cupcake. Silicone is much cheaper and I had some that I wasn't gonna use for anything else :) It smells a bit for some time but the smell disappears after a while.

So yesterday I made these cupcake bases and day before I 've made some decorations from polymer clay. They may not look like sweets but It wasn't my intention and I have little or even no experience with creating Halloween decorations anyway.

I've made these gravestones :)
And these cute spiders and orange sprinkles. They look like spider eggs! (my boyfriend had a great fun playing with them :D )
Here you have cute bows with smiley skulls and some marshmallows in the background. I didn't want to make serious Halloween theme, but something cute :)
And finally my happy pumpkins! I have never made pumpkins before so I'm kind of glad that they came out like this :)
I also made a short video how I made these cuties (without leaves but you can figure out how to attach them :) I didn't plan to record anything, but suddenly just decided to grab a camera and do it :P At the beginning I wanted to make pumpkins from eight little orange shaped pieces but it didn't look nice. Then I used this clay shaping tool and it worked from the first attempt! :D So here is my little tiny tutorial and please forgive me random sounds! I just couldn't be bothered to edit it and add music :D
My hands look HUGE in this video! :D I didn't realize that you won't be able to see what I've done at the end: I used this round end of a pen to press the top of the pumpkin. After that I made little hole on the top, put a bit of liquid Fimo and inserted stem with the leaf  :)

Hope you enjoyed this short video!
And thanks for looking! :D

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
"See you tomorrow!"


  1. those cupcakes look very real!
    Love the pumpkins ^^, I added the tutorial to All about Deco