Saturday, 30 October 2010

My first time with Sukerukun :)

Hello everyone!

 I've had my first time with Sukerukun clay couple of days ago :) and like most of you know, the first times are not like you imagine they'd be. I thought it will be nice, easy and with no stress. Well it wasn't bad but not what I was expecting. It was sticky and messy :D

But seriously I must say that I didn't realize that Sukerukun is so sticky. It felt like i was playing with chewing gum not clay ^_^ It even looked like this when I ripped a piece off :)
The one tip I could give to anyone starting to use this clay is if you want to roll it thin, use something like simple foil envelope. The clay wont stick to it and it will be easier to take it off the surface. I normally work using glass table and this clay didn't want to come off glass surface.
So here are some photos of my orange slices:
I think I made them too thin... But oh well, they will be used for something anyway :)
I didn't mix the clay with paints, I just let it dry and then painted them with glass paint, because I thought they will be more transparent. I have also experimented with painting them and I got the best results using white gel pen (I think it was filled with something similar to correction fluid). With this pen I could get really thin lines which could not be achieved using the smallest brush. The only disadvantage of it was that it didn't like to be varnished and it smudged when i brushed it with it. So the only option was to dip them in varnish and it worked :)
Here you have a photo how transparent they are:

I have also made some kiwi slices :) I'm sorry Rui, I didn't follow your tutorial :P I was going to but I was just too lazy to cut the insides and put normal clay in. Instead I painted them with glass paint and normal acrylic paint.

I've made banana slices too, but using Fimo air dry clay.

I got really excited with making fruits so I've made some more today :) I also made some watermelon pieces but I used a bit different painting technique and I will write about it in my next post. I am also in a process of testing a new medium for whip cream. I'm not sure if someone has tried it before though. At least I haven't heard about it.

I hope you enjoyed it all and thanks for looking! :)


  1. I love your orange slices! I also love how you do them, so fuss-free! When I made orange wedges a few months ago, I just about died with the procedure. xD

    Hehe, it's okay! I love your kiwi slices still, they are better-looking then mine :D

    I've been on a fruits making spree too, once you start making them, you just can't stop!

  2. Thank you Rui! I acctualy found out an easy way of making them. I just had to experiment with paint and these white lines. Maybe I will make a tutorial about it :)

  3. Awesome! Keep up the great job! What gloss you used?