Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My first time with Fimo air dry clay :)

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

I haven't posted anything recently because (let's be honest) I was a bit lazy and I was preparing stuff for items i will be selling at my work :) Hopefully I will start selling them at the beginning or end of the next week. Whoop whoop! I also had my first sale on Etsy and now I'm waiting for the feedback. I hope everything will be OK! Fingers crossed! :D

I have lots to show you now and in the future, I just haven't got any pictures yet! :P Therefore for now I will tell you about my experience with second type of air dry clay, Fimo brand. yes Fimo has got lightweight air dry clay and it's white not like this horrible crappy grey clay I have bought before :D

 I bought it after reading Tiff's tutorial on the basic products you should use when starting to make deco sweets. She was using different brand of clay (I don't remember the brand now :P ) but I have discovered that her brand now is sold under Fimo name, so it should be the same product just with different brand. So OK. I was a bit excited :) My first impression when I got it was that is much heavier than Daiso clay. The surprise was inside:
As you can see it's much more sticky than other air dry clays. I mean I've tried only Daiso so I can't compare much! :D Anyways, I could easily see that it's sticky. You can also see me wearing gloves :) I wore them because it was really messy to mix it with acrylic paint. Daiso just loved mixing it with paint, but this clay didn't absorb it so easily. It did mix at the end but I had to wear gloves, so I wouldn't have to wash my hands every five minutes. And it was sticking really bad to my hands even while kneading it:
Check out my chunky sticky fingers! :D It didn't feel as smooth as Daiso.

I can't say that I didn't like this clay. It's available in UK for fairly cheap price. It may be not as nice to work with as Daiso, which I have to buy from Japan. The only advantage of this clay is that it feels sturdier than daiso and I know that i won't be afraid that it will break. I think that it has advantages of air dry clay (weight and air drying) and polymer clay (being less fragile). Therefore I decided to make some cupcakes and cookies from it but this I will show you soon :)

I will probably write some more about this clay in the future as I will be using it more often, so stay tuned for more!
And thanks for looking! ^_^'

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!"


  1. Ah this air dry clay was sticky! I didn't really like it, I only recommended it because I thought it would be the only inexpensive and readily available air dry for people living in the Western world :(. But now that you mention it, it did dry really hard didn't it? I can't really remember anymore because I hadn't used a Japanese brand of air dry when I was using this Fimo one. The Japanese ones really seem fragile, i'm always varnishing the heck out of them so they don't fall apart hopefully!

  2. Welcome back Tiff! :D
    yes this clay dries well and when it's dried it has like a wood feeling to it, it's like I would be holding little wooden pieces :D It's really light but more sturdy than Daiso. Therefore I will be using it for light cookie phone charms and a bit thicker key charms. I reckon I will use it for pastry items (like pancakes, cookies and swiss rolls) and propobaly ice creams, but I haven't tried this one yet :D

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  3. can you tell me any shop which sells FIMO AIR in the UK (i am in London at the moment and need it. it's urgend ^^)


  4. I don't know shops that sell Fimo Air Light in Uk, I only buy on Internet. Sorry! :(