Friday, 3 December 2010

Blogs and Shop Pages updated :)

Hey guys!

Just a quick update: I have finally edited my Blogs and Shops pages. I also created Freebies section where I will be adding websites where you can get some free interesting stuff :)

Pages are not finished completely. So far I've added my favourite blogs and I hope I will find time to add some more, although I don't want to make this page too messy :) I propably won't write about all the blogs I visit. If you'd like to see more you can check out my profile for more cool blogs. The ones I've added so far are the ones I visit every day. Yes every day ^_^' So check them out and have fun!


  1. aww thankyou for writing about me ^^

  2. Thats sweet of you

    thanks for writting about me as well. Im glad you like my blog and my adventurous ways hehe

  3. @Kawaiifrenzy:
    No worries :) Your blog is really cool and you write about so many interesting things. You do inspire me in some way, like how to do proper reviews and tutorials. And your jewelery is really innovative and original too :)

    I feel a bit guilty that I may won't write about all the other blogs I like, but I have to be honest: with hand on my heart I can say that I visit blogs listed above every day :) And you post quite often too so there is a lot of stuff to read about! :D