Sunday, 26 December 2010

First mega giveaway!!!

Pink cupcake necklace
 Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas! I bet you got plenty of presents but I have to tell you that you can get more! :D I would like to announce that from today I will be organizing a massive free giveaway! As you can see on pictures below, I will be giving away 12 (yes 12!!! :D ) different sweet items! So there will be 12 lucky winners! The deadline will be on the 2nd of January and the prize draw will be held on the next day, and on that day I will announce the lucky winners! :)

So you are probably wondering how to enter this giveaway? Well it's simple, just follow these steps:


1. Follow my blog,
and write about this giveaway on your blog
(with direct link to this page).

2. Follow me on Twitter,
and retweet about this giveaway
(link at the bottom of this page).

3. Join my Facebook Fan Page.

As you can see everyone can have three chances to win if you complete all of these three steps :) I would also required all of you wanting to participate to add a comment under this post, with your name & nicknames (from Twitter and Facebook) so I would know who is who and what you've done already :) You can also add a link to your blog where you've written about this giveaway. I don't mind it and I won't treat it as spam, because I like to read blogs people who like my blog :) 

If you are already following me here, on FB or Twitter, then just add a comment, so I would know that you would like to participate :)

I hope this all is not too complicated! I have to say that this is my first ever giveaway I'm organizing, so if you'd have any questions please ask! :)

Pink cream earrings set

Pink cream adjustable ring

Chocolate cream adjustable ring

Cream pink roses hair clips set

Chocolate & strawberry Swiss roll cake phone charms
(two separate prizes)

Banana & blueberries millefeullie, and donut phone charms
(two separate prizes)
Chocolate & strawberry ice cream phone charms
(two separate prizes)
I will announce a list of everyone included in this giveaway on the next Sunday's evening (UK
time :) and I will draw the lucky winners on Monday. Good luck everyone! :)

I hope you will enjoy this giveaway as much as I will be enjoying giving all these sweet things for free!! :D

And thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. I love your work!
    Did all 3 things to win some of your great stuff!
    I'm really excited ;)

  2. Did all three! (I wrote on LJ, but my blog is friends only :/ most my friends are deco people though so I hope it'll encourage people to visit, lol.)
    I'm Kata Katkapätkä on FB, and cherii_cherii on Twitter. :)

  3. Oh, is this give away international? Because I want to participate so so so so so badly! I enjoy your work and always love to look at it, it would be so awesome to have something of it ♥

    Well, I retweetet you and followed you on Twitter (Joo_Hyo), liked on FB (Jacqueline Müller) and I'm a follower of your blog, of course ;D
    By the way, I'm from Germany!

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  5. @ Destiny:
    Yes it is international! That's why i decided to give away small items so it would be cheaper for meto post! And I could give more of them! :D

  6. Hi! I follow your blog on GFC as Lena Tallina, and I've tweeted about your giveaway! My twitter username is SeptemberLena. Your creations are too cute! :)

    lenatallina AT googlemail DOT com

    Thanks so much :)

  7. What a great give away, I already follow your blog and facebook so I re-tweeted your contest!

    I love the ice creams, they are my favorite! *w*

  8. That ice cream charm looks so delicious!

    I retweeted your post:
    and blogged it also:

  9. Hai! Zoey Belle Fry here,

    +1 for facebook!

    I don't have a twitter or blog :3

  10. I follow you here & now on twitter! (shinpuruhappy)
    I'll probably have a blog post of it up by tomorrow. c:

    Happy Holidays!

  11. My little one would absolutely flip over these cuties! I especially like the Banana & blueberries millefeullie! Thanks so much!
    following via GFC as bridgestranslation
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

  12. Thank you ladies for participating in this giveaway! I'm so excited! :D

  13. Hi! I also want to participate!
    I follow you here, on LJ i_fran, on facebook (Fran Ruiz-Tagle) and on twitter (@moonyfran)

    I'm posting the image on the side column of my blog :D

  14. Hey Fran! I'm glad that you want to participate too! :)

  15. Hi! I liked your page on fb(melanie peh) and also followed your blog(melanie).
    I really like your creations! :D

  16. Hello! I joined/liked your facebook page (hecate leigh):) Your work is so amazing!

  17. Nice to meet you!

    It's Cute!

    I love sweets deco & fake sweets.

  18. You posted on Deco_Den, so I couldn't resist giving this a try! Your stuff is so cute! I'm going to have to really check out your shop, I've seen you pop up on numerous occasions but I'm a procrastinator ._.

    I am stalking you here now, though, and also on your Facebook Fanpage under xjustxanotherx. Unfortunately no Twitter for me!

  19. Oops, I almost forgot to enter ... woops! :D
    So I'm following you here as Riechan, on twitter as RiechansWorld and on Facebook too.
    oh and the post on my site =

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. The prizes are lovely! Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway. I have followed using google connect (I haven't wrote a blog post yet though. I was wondering if it was required? I don't get any visitors to my blog so I don't see the point. I will write one if I need to though.), followed and retweeted on twitter (@_Brittasaur_), and joined your facebook page.

    I forget things easily so you might need to contact me by email ( if I were to win. Once again, thanks so much!

  22. Yay! I'm glad that this giveaway has so many people participating! :D

    I was wondering if you want to participate too! :D I was considering adding you here anyway but wasn't sure if it's OK as everyone else had already posted their comments so i'm glad that you did it too! It would be weird not having you here :D

    And good luck for everyone!!!!

  23. Your charms are adorable! I joined your Facebook page and twittered you :D

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday!

  24. @Mini Mo: Offcourse I wanted to enter ^^ that's so sweet of you but it wouldn't be fair to the others :) oooh! I'm excited ^^ I love the stuff you make!! I love the rings, and the earring and your icecream cones! ^^

  25. Your Chocolate & strawberry ice cream looks really good! It looks real!

  26. @WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski:
    Thank you!! :D

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