Saturday, 18 December 2010

Market day!

Hi guys!

It's so good to be back to normal blogging! :) I've done my market day on Friday and now I can finally have some rest! :D I feel really tired and I'm looking forward to Christmas now. These last days before the market were quite tiring, because I had to finish and varnished rest of my items. I also had to pack my jewelery and accessories so they would look more appealing :)

The market wasn't really what I expected. We had heavy snow weather warnings night before, so probably because of that it wasn't particularly busy at the market. It was half empty and most of the stalls were filled with antique jewellery and collectors items, so you can imagine that the only people coming there were mostly older pensioners :D Being honest I didn't sell much but I'm still happy that I've done it. It gave me courage and made me believe in myself more :) 

It was an inside market and each one one of us had the table. I was a bit concerned about the size of it and I didn't know if I had enough of stock made, or if my table cover would be big enough. But it looked perfect and I had just right amount of things to fill the whole table :) As you can see I used a simple paper party table cover. I wanted it to be blue or turquoise but I couldn't find one so I went for raspberry colour. A bit girly but oh well... ^_^

I'm a big fan of shabby chick style so I decided to use some paper doilies as a decoration. I wanted it to look like a country table, I don't know really If I've achieved that but I still liked it :)
I had a large cork board to hang my phone charms. I covered it with piece of fabric but the charms covered most of it :) I wasn't shure how I will stand it but luckily  I found my old paintings frame stand. It also had a small drawer which I used to display rest of my jewelry.
I have to say that I didn't know how to pack my rings. I couldn't find any way to make them stay nicely on these little card boards, so I just put them onto a little cloth.
I've made quite a lot of accessories and at the end I ran out of cello bags for my hair clips, so I had to just slide them onto cards.  

I found out an easy way to make cute packaging :) Before I thought that I would have to print labels but my printer didn't want to print on thicker paper. Instead, I've used my custom stamps which were in perfect size! :) I also really liked the colors I've used. I have to say that my favourite colour is turquoise but they didn't have card in this colour so I bought the one they had and it was the best choice I could have made :) It went well with all the charms and jewellery and I think I will be using this colour theme from now on.

I have to admit that doing this market was a really good experience and I would like to do it again, probably not at this place, instead I will try to find some craft fairs. But for now I will focus on having a good rest and enjoy the Christmas :)

I have to add that I've checked my statistics recently and soon I will reach 10 000 views! Whoo! This could be the perfect excuse to make some massive giveaway which I wanted to do for some time, I just didn't have any good reason for it :D I don't really know how to organize it and what rules I should apply to it so I think I good use some useful advice :)

I hope that you enjoyed this post and I will be happy to know what you think :)
And thank you for dropping by!


  1. Your display looks so nice and organized.

  2. Great job everything looks really pretty

  3. Your market looked amazing! Congrats on doing it! I agree it's hard to find a good market with a good demographic to sell to. I was lucky to have a market right in my uni and I knew this stuff would sell well to a young uni-aged crowd, but when the uni term ended and I went out to find other markets I couldn't really find one.

    Anyway I loved your display! Just busy enough to be eye-catching and not cluttered. Hope you're not freezing to death, UK sounds pretty bad right now :).

  4. Thank you Tiff! I'm glad you like it :)
    Yeah it is hard to find good market, especially here in UK where most of people are obsessed with antiques! :D

    And it is freezing cold here! I'm writing this reply wearing warm gloves! :D (it's so hard to type with "Muppet fingers"! ^_^ )