Thursday, 2 December 2010

First sweet photo frames

Hi everyone!

It's been snowing whole day today here on the English beach! :) And because of that our Cafe was closed and we didn't have to come to work. Whoop whoop! :D I kind of wanted to because I need money now but on the other hand I did need an extra day to make some more stock for my market day.

Today I'd like to show you couple of my first sweet photo frames which I want to sell at the market. I made them some time ago but I had to wait for cream to dry out completely so I could varnish them. I used modelling paste as a whip cream and it dries a bit longer than Grace clay. The white one here is Galeria and the chocolate one is that grey Marabu paste, which I coloured with acrylic paint (thanks Riechan! :D )
They may not look like all these fancy Japanese versions of deco frames, but I didn't want them to look too heavy. I like this minimalistic style :) And I think that the bare wood blends with deco really well.

I have more already made deco frames in others colours and I will be showing them to you soon, when they will dry completely. I also have many more things to show you so stay tuned for more sweet items!

I hope you enjoyed this tiny post and thank you for visiting my blog! :)


  1. Really cute! I agree the wood looks really nice with the sweets deco. I'm sure they will attract some looks!

    I have yet to deco any items but I'm starting with my headphones. I also got jars and photo frames that I got around last year haha. I can't wait to get to them all.

  2. Lovely! I like that you're not overly cutesyfying them 'cause I also think that these will sell better ;) (hopefully for you!)
    Belgium is also under a thick pack of snow but I heard on the news that the UK has much more troubles, so stay safe!
    Oh and you're welcome ;) ^^

  3. @The Candy Sanctuary:
    Thank you! :)
    I've got some jars too, they are so adorable to deco! :D You should def try and deco them! :)

  4. @Riechan:
    Hahaha thank you! :)

    Yeah the beach is covered with snow. It's so unusuall view! :) I'm trying to keep myself warm and not to let the weather stop me from making deco sweets :)

    Hopefully all this snow will go away! :(
    You take care too Riechan! :)

  5. You're so good at making these sweets!
    The colours really suit the frames. :) I love the browns and pinks together <3

    When my finals are over, I plan on going into super deco-sweets making mode!! I guess I need to get materials first, haha. :)

    Also -
    When you varnish each piece do you dip them in individually, or do you use a brush?

    I love snow! Too bad it doesn't snow where I live. It is extremely cloudy and cold though...

  6. @Rin:
    Thank you so much! :)
    I'm still looking forward to see your creations on your blog! :D

    I usually varnish each piece seperately but now I thought that I will have to varnish clay cream so I varnished everything after assembling it. And I use brush :) Dipping would leave varnish drops and you'd use way too much of it :)