Friday, 18 February 2011

BJD with eyes

Hey everyone!

First I'd like to say thank you for all your nice comments! :) They gave me lots of ideas for new posts and I already have some in mind :)

Today I'd like to show you some progress I've made with my bjd. As you can see on the photo she's got eyes! Finally! But unfortunately this head will probably be only the test head just because I had so many problems with it. If you remember, I mentioned before that I've stained it and also I made it really dirty. I gave up at the end and started playing around with it and trying out different face ups, using chalk pastels and pastel pencils. I've also been told that I shouldn't at any cost use acetone on bjds, but I've already ordered it from eBay. So knowing that I've ordered some new heads, I decided to check this pure acetone on my poor violated Obitsu head. I even had a nightmare where I used this acetone and I totally melted my bjd's head! :D So feeling brave I applied acetone with cotton bud and surprisingly it cleaned all the dirt and other crap from the head! The only thing that stayed were these bloody yellowish stains, on top of the nose, eyebrows and ears, and a bit of lip tint. I'm not sure if you can see it on the photo.

I have to say that I'm quite happy with the outcome. I know, the eyes are not inserted properly :) I just wanted to see how the head will look with them and I also wanted to try silicone ear putty, which I think is great for diy eyes :)

Like I said I'm waiting for my three heads delivery from Miniwoo, the same Obitsu, smaller one and Gretel for 27cm bjd, so I don't know if it will fit (but it already has eye holes). I will do all of this eye cutting again, but this time I will know what I use. First really, really sharp knife/blade (surgical probably), and then mini dremel with pointed engraving and rubber tips. They do better job than sandpaper although you have to be really careful not to smooth it too much, as this tool is really powerful.

I know that she might look really funny, sitting there with bald head! :) I'm also waiting for my nylon hair so I could make a wig for her. The dress in the picture is also made by me. It's not finished yet, it's just a temporary outfit, as I didn't want her to get cold in this English weather :)

The last thing I want to share with you guys is my great saving goal. You probably know that I'm quite impatient :) I haven't even properly started customizing my little bjd and now I want to buy large, resin bjd! I know I shouldn't because it's so expensive but I really felt in love with them! I've been working six days a week now (on my request! ^__^ ) and I've been selling more things on Etsy too, so I will be able to buy one :) I've spend many evenings searching on Internet for my perfect "girl" and now I found it. I just need to know if I can order it and which skin to choose. Here is her photo:
Beautiful isn't she? :) The one on the left is human version and the other one is half elf, with slightly different eyes and slightly pointed ears. I'm not sure which one I should choose. But it's not only the face I love in her. It's mainly her body. My first and the most important criteria was the shape of elbows and knees. I'm really picky and knowing that I will spend stupid amount of money, I wanted it to be perfect. I may be new to ball jointed dolls but I don't like these fake looking knees and elbows. They look silly when bent and not natural. For me the body is the most important part of the doll because it can't be easily changed unlike the head. So here is photo of her in nudity (under aged, please don't look! :D ):
I've already send the company that makes them an email asking if they are still taking orders. I'm also not shure which skin colour I will choose. There are three options: french resin, beauty white urethane, and normal beige urethane. I want to choose the one which will make buying another head easier in the future.
And here are some more photos of this beautiful doll :) :

I'm really curious what you guys think about this doll :) And thank you for visiting my blog!

PS The photos are not mine and they belong to the Limhwa company:


  1. Your little doll looks so cute! Even if she doesn't have hair yet!

    Good luck saving for a big doll! They're so much fun, I have a bunch of them XD If you're looking for head swap-a-bility go with one of the urethane colors. French resin is drop dead gorgeous, but most companies don't use it, so finding a perfect match would be pretty hard unless you're going to buy something from the same company. Personally, I love the look of the ball-joints! They're one of the things that made me fall in love with the dolls in the first place!

  2. Thank you Caro-chan!

    I know, French resin is beautiful :( beauty white urethane would be too white I think, and i don't know if normal beige is too dark... Dillema!

    And I would love to see your dolls! :)

  3. Now, please don't get me wrong, the dolls look really beautyful but they creep the hell out of me XD Everytime I look at dolls, doesn't really matter which kind of dool, I feel like... oh so beautifull... it's gonna kill be... but so beautiful... still a serialkiller!

    I wish you good luck with your heads. I hope everthing will work out! I'm crossing my fingers for you.

  4. @ Shalott:
    Haha! No worries! I totally understand what you mean :) I also find dolls creepy but only European ones (??) or those Victorian style. They remind me Chucky doll! :D And i feel the same about clowns. Whenever I see them i thi8nk about "It" movie! :D

    So don't worry but I promise that I will try to make her look so sweet that you will finally like her :)

  5. I always have a hard time choosing between Normal and White Skin too! I usually end up settling on Normal skin for some reason though.

    I occasionally post my dolls on my blog and DOA, if you're on DOA I'm Pantogogue. If you're not I can send you an invite (if you even still need them to get an account!)

  6. Hi!
    I can't see any stains, maybe you can make a very dramatic face up and cover everything in the future :P
    About the dremmel, I think it's really too much power for this, but discovered that the tool used for manicure (which is like basically the same thing as a dremmel, but with a lot less power, as it's intended for use in people) is better, it's smaller, better to handle and as it has less revolutions it's safer for the doll's face. I guess you can find one in your country, they're very popular :D

  7. I think we are talking about the same/similar tool. I used name dremmel beacue i'm not sure what the proper name is :)

  8. @Caro-Chan:

    I think I will choose normal if i go for Limhwa or Supia doll...

    And thank you for offering me an invite! :) I wanted to join it but i'm not sure if I know enough about bjd etc. I think people there are more proffesional about bjds :D I am on Angel Unlimited as Mini Mo :)

  9. Responding to the message you left on my blog! The invite offer still stands! I need an email address to invite though! If you comment on my blog with your email in the appropriate box it shouldn't show up to anyone but me.

    DoA is seriously one of the best places to get BJD info, it's a shame it's been invite only for so long! Don't worry about not knowing enough on there! There are thousands of members with all different sorts of skill levels.

    I'm not on Angel Unlimited (at least I don't think I am XD) but if I ever sign up I'll say hello!

  10. I love these dolls, they look so real~ i used to make a lot of doll clothes for fun, (not anymore tot, now i just make clothes for myself ^^)

    here a link of my DIY doll clothes gallery, pls give me some comments ~

  11. Thank you PinkyDoll! I've checked your blog and I think that you are amazing crafter and I really like your style. I might be following you from now on! You are greeat source of inspirations and even if i don't wear clothes like you (although I wish I would... ) I might make clothes in your style for my new doll :d