Thursday, 24 February 2011

How to make cookies: 2 basic mini video tutorials

Hi guys!
I've been asked by Emma to make short tutorial about how to make cookies. I know that most of you know how to do it but there are many who are just starting making clay sweets and things that are obvious for us, are not that clear for begginers. So I've made these two short videos, first about how to cut basic cookie shape, and second one how to "bake" it, meaning how to apply shading on cookie.

Please forgive me quality of the video,  my mess and horrible hands! :D I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm really clumsy and I hurt myself all the time! :D My boyfriend calls me "Space Caddette", because I'm so spaced out from reality! :D I honestly scratch, cut and bruise myself so often that I don't really notice my scars any more :)

You also have to escuse me my English :D You know, I'm foreign and I'm really shy and these are my first videos where I acctually speak at loud :) So I could mumble a bit... If you won't understand something, please feel free to ask  in the comment section below :)


  1. Hey! Nice tutoials! I wrote a blog entry about your blog ^^

    hope you like it!

  2. Thank you Shalott! I'm glad you like them. I was really nervous and shy so quality and explanations may not be really proffessional! And I didn't know how to hang the camera so I hanged it on my jumpers neck line! :D That's why is wobbling so much! :)

  3. Hi, can I know do you normally wait for your clay to dry completely first before painting, or do you just paint on it immediately after cutting out the shape?



  4. Hi Joanne!
    I wait untill the cookie is dry and then apply paint.

  5. Hi

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make those great tutorials for me!

    There brilliant! I'm going to make some cookies tomorrow!!
    You should do more videos because you did a great job and you didn't sound nervous at all :)
    Also you have a beautiful voice, I love your accent!!!

    I may post some pictures of my finished cookies but I doubt they will be as nice as yours lol

    Thank you again, Your fantastic xxxx


  6. Hi Mini Mo!
    I love your blog with full of sweet pictures and your work too. Can I ask you what brand of air dry clay you used ?

  7. Thank you! I use Fimo Air Light. It's an air dry clay.

  8. This is great! Thank you so much for this. We get to see how you make your wonderful creations! I'm definitely going to try this on my current projects. Your videos are a great job and I love your accent! :D

  9. This is Laura Fry, I always have problems with your comment box though haha =.=;

    Your accent is the cutest thing I've ever heard! Where are you from?

    Also, THANK YOU FOR MAKING A VIDEO TUTORIAL!!! I've wanted people who are better in the Deco community to do videos for so long! I MUCH prefer video to picture tutorial, if you want my opinion :) I think you did so well, and your english isn't even bad at all :D

  10. Thank you Ammorin! :D

    Laura I think you can enter your name when you're posting here. I've changed settings recently because i dind't know that defult settings didnt allow people without google/blogger account comment here. I think it should be ok now.

    And i want to make some more videos as I have nice camera now, but I need to get my hands to nice visual condition, as they are covered with scratches! :D I'm a clumsy girl! :) And thank you! I'm still learning and i have to say thatIi don't speak Polish at all :D so it's easier to learn. I'm becoming British! but I will never like tea :D