Friday, 4 February 2011

My First BJD!!!

Hello everyone!

I was thinking about the name I chose for my blog and now I'm really happy that I went for "Sweet & Tiny" because it can mean so many things, not only sweet and tiny clay miniatures, but also small dolls. And talking about small dolls, I would like to share with you with my new (and another ^_^ ) obsession: BJD dolls! I found out about these cuties when I was surfing online and searching for information about miniatures.

I knew a little about Blythe dolls, but I was never interested in them, because of their large head and tiny body, which I found quite creepy... Many people like them but it's not my cup of tea :) I prefer more natural types of body shape and so I bought this adorable set from Mimi Collection (eBay): Volks white 22cm body, Obitsu head, pair of blue eyes and eyelashes. I'm not sure if these eyelashes will fit, they seem to be quite big, but I can always trim them a little :)

As you can see the doll is not painted and I will decorate it by myself. The reason is that I can't really afford and justify spending small fortune on already painted doll with wig, so I decided to do it by myself :) I couldn't find heads this size with eyes open so I bought normal head and I will cut them out (I found cool tutorial how to do it). I also want to try to make a wig by myself, using cap and nylon hair. I plan to make some clothes for her and accessories too :)
Please forgive me random photos here but I have no clothes for her yet as I got her this morning. I also censored her feminine bits knowing that I have younger followers too and I felt obligated to do so :) On the other hand you can easily see how the Obitsu head fits on Volks body. Both of them claim to be white colour but the head seems to be a bit brighter, maybe because it's made from soft plastic/rubber, where the body is made from hard plastic. I don't think this will bother me much, as I want to add some shades to the head and I'm sure it will blend in nicely. 
I also noticed that the ball joints feel a bit stiff and from what I've read before, I will have to adjust them. I don't know how yet, I will have to find out... If anyone knows how to do it and if I have to do it, please, please help :) I'd rather listen to someone experienced, rather than break this precious thing ^_^

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for visiting my blog! ^__^


  1. Love the title! I will soon be getting my first BJD too! SO excited!

  2. Aha, you censored it!
    Sorry for not commenting lately - for some reason, your blog didn't show up on my rss feed?
    I'm not a fan of Blythe dolls either; my friend has one, and the eyes just kind of scare me...
    I really like this one though.
    Well, judging from your deco sweets skills, I'm pretty sure you'll have no problem decorating it, so please show us the results when you're done! :D

  3. how cool! I'd love to see how you decorate her ^^
    And indeed Blythe dolls are a bit creepy :D

  4. Haha at first I thought that the packaging censored it ^^

    I'm not such a fan of dolls but well I'm sure you'll treasure it and she can pose with the new miniatures you are making ^^

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments! :)

    @ Minnie Kitchen:
    So cool you're getting bjd too! I'd love to see it :D

    @ Rin:
    Yes I did it :D And no worries, although I was wondering if you'll be back :) I don't know why my blog didn't show up... Is it active now?

    And thank you for your opinion about me :D but I don't know if I have so many skills, just had read many books "How is it done" when I was kid and now every time I see something that intrests me, I wonder: how can I do it by myself? ^___^

    @ Riechan:
    Thank you! I will definitely keep you all updated :)

    @ Moo Moo Cow:
    hahaha! That would be so cool to get it like this! :D I have to say that I've never been interested in dolls but I love anime, manga and I always wanted to have a figurine, and these dolls are much better that them. You can dress them as you like and make them look like any charachter :) So I have been convereted! :D

  6. Ahah I'm like the other way round :) But I think dolls are quite scary.. Read too much enid blyton :(

  7. Cute! I want to get a BJD someday in the future, but now I'm customizing one blythe (which is almost ready) and a Blybe (blythe clone). You can tell I like blythes :P But I guess that depending on how you customize them they can be cute or really creepy!

    I wanted to tell you that on thursday arrived my swiss roll!!! It's really cute, I wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciate it. I can now tell you're work is awesome!
    And thank you also for the secret gift! Does it expire? Because right now I can't use it, but in the future I might (say, a couple of months :S)

    Thank you veeeeery much and welcome to the dolly world!!!

  8. Cool. I can't wait to see her after you've decorated her.

  9. @ Fran:
    Yeah, it all depends what everyone like :) I always wanted to have anime figurine and now i can make my own one :)

    And I'm so glad you like it! :D I don't think it will expire, I just keep it active. I don't really know how coupons work because they are my first ones I've generated :D

  10. @ Kerous:
    I will be keeping my blog updated with all my bjd progress. I just hope I won't mess up anything customizing it! :D