Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I want to be a Pro! :)

Hello everyone!

I hope you had brilliant Easter! Unfortunately I had to work through almost whole Easter time but I still could find time to work on my fake sweet treats :)

The first thing I'd like to share with you are my new craft market plans. I probably said before that I won't do any markets in the future but recently, and completely randomly, I found new craft market which will be held in my neighbourhood area. I was browsing through Internet for market info on my lunch time and I found this new website with craft days. I called their number straight away and I was told that someone just cancelled their table booking and there is just one place left for the nearest event! I was so happy and I booked it straight away!

The first event is due on Saturday the 21st of May. There also will be two more craft days, in July and November, and I booked tables for these two days too. This is like a dream for me, because it takes about 15 minutes to get there, the event starts at late morning (not like the other one at 7 in the morning!) and it will be strictly craft market, where my last market was full of antiques, stamps etc... and snow! :D

All of this gave me a proper kick in the but to start making new things. I've already bought tons of clay and whip cream. First I've made some fruits as they take the longest to dry.
I really wanted to improve myself in fruits making. Just like the title of this post states, I want to be a Pro :) I honestly try to make the best and the most realistic sweets, especially fruits. They are my goal number one. I finally figure out how to make nice oranges too. These babies on the right will be soon cut into pieces, even if my heart will cry because they look so cool as whole pieces! :D 

I also made new strawberries and I would like to show you my strawberry evolution :)
The one on the far left is one of my first strawberries I made with polymer clay. Then I started using air dry clay and tried to paint these white veins, but it was hard because of the clay texture after drying. The fourth strawberry is made with Grace clay and the one on the right is Sukerukun, and I like it the most :) I still want to improve my techniques and I know that I have lots to learn. But you can easily see that practising and learning pays off and no one is a pro at the beginning :)

I hope you enjoyed this tiny post and please stay tuned for more! I have some interesting things to show you :)
And thank you for visiting my blog!

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