Friday, 1 April 2011

Take away charms & I Phone case for my friend

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since my last post about anything new I made :) I think I'm not organized much recently and I get distracted easily by so many things...

Just before Christmas, I promised my friend to make her I Phone deco case and guess what? I made it just recently... That's how bad I am! :( My only excuse is that I was short on cash and I couldn't order anything from Sophie&Toffe before. And yes, all the deco on this case is from this shop. I didn't make them by myself only because she saw the pink case I've made for my other friend for secret Santa gift and she loved the deco on it :)

I also finally finished new stock for the cafe I work at. I decided to make more complicated items and this time I went for typical cafe food :) I made these mini cute cheeseburgers, breakfast toasts, cupcakes, Victoria sponge cake slices, and of course, hot chocolates with cream, as they were the most popular items sold.

I'm quite happy with bacon slices. They were experimental at first, but they turned out well and they were really easy to make :)

The hot chocolates are not finished yet, they need to be hang on the chain and mini cookies will also be added to it.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and I hope I will come back soon with more of my sweets! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog! ^__^


  1. they are FABULOUS!! I am in love with the breakfast toasts!!

    BH x

  2. Thank you Blueberry Heart! :)

  3. those are great! how did you get those bacons slices to look so real!!

  4. Riechan it's easy! I rolled different colours together and then just "fried" the sides :D

  5. your mini food so real and cute, i hope you'll make more for your doll

  6. Thank you Silly! (Cool nickname btw :D )
    I do want to make some more food for bjds, I have some secret plans too about it too ^o^'

  7. Your creations are so cute and real!
    I'm trying to make something with FIMO, but nothing comparable yours... ;-)