Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sugar free wedding cakes

I'm back! :)

I haven't write much here recently and I would like to explain why. I always wanted this place to be full of fun and cute little things, but recently I totally didn't feel like having fun. I know, I moan too much... Moaning is even written in my name, as my real name is Monika and I sometimes refer to myself as "Moanika" ^o^ But getting back to subject... As I said I felt weird recently. I was really depressed and I wanted to cry so many times without any particular reasons, or these reasons were not adequate to my unusual reactions. I honestly didn't know what was going on with me. I didn't feel like I want to do anything and the worst thing was that I had so many ideas for new items, but my brain and body didn't want to let me make them.

I have a week off at the moment and I had so many plans, and two days have passed so far and I haven't started anything yet. Yesterday I finally understand what is going on with me. I realized that I'm not crazy nor I'm not going through early (very early!!!) menopause (ha! I'm only joking!) I've done some research on Internet and I understood that my mood swings and feeling sad was caused by my diet. Yes everyone, diet! I've stopped eating vegetables and swap them for massive amounts of sugary snacks. My job didn't help either, as I have free access to ice creams, biscuits and hot chocolate. Well I don't drink hot chocolate, but I LOVE ice creams :) This rubbish diet had an influence on my behaviour. When I had sweet treats I felt fine, but just about hour or more after eating them, I was starting to feel down and sluggish. I lost interest in things that I used to like (crafting!) and I cried a lot, and I mean A LOT (sometimes even in the middle of work!).

Now, I don't try to make you guys feel sorry for me. Naah. I want to explain why I wasn't here for so long and why I didn't show you anything new. I wanted to write about so much but when I was finally sitting in front of my computer, I just couldn't start. And I didn't want to say here how bad I felt blah blah blah, because I want this blog to be happy :) There is too much sadness around and I want this little place to bring me and you smile :)

So what is my solution to my problems? NO SUGAR for me :) Yep! I'm going on sugar free diet. Well kind of. You see, the worst sugar on earth is this white horrible processed crystal thing, and this is not real sugar, because of the whole long process of making it white. If you want to eat more natural sugar, then you should buy brown, unprocessed, preferably organic sugar or sweeteners, but not all of them, try to choose natural ones. I've tried many and I can say that Xylitol is the best for me :) I use all the time with my coffee because I just can't drink coffee without sugar :D

Finishing my long (and maybe a bit boring) story I would like to show you two wedding cake photo holders I made long time ago. They are sold already but I never had a chance to post them here. I took these photos just before my market day so the quality may not be perfect. And let's say that these cakes are sugar free! :D

As you already noticed, I've changed design of my blog. I'm a Libra and naturally I can't make decisions, and choosing theme for my blog is one of these horribly difficult decisions :) And it's like choosing clothes, different for every day :) So you might be experiencing many more changes in my blog in the future.

Also I've finally installed Disqus gadget here, so everyone would be able to "reply" to comments. I wanted to have this feature for long time, but first I had to switch to original Blogger theme and then paste some codes into template, and I'm really bad at coding etc :) I hope you will like this new feature and I would be interested what you think about it. I also apologize for "deleting" your avatar pictures from comments. I don't know how to bring them back :(

Thank you for reading all of this! I do appreaciate it :D
And thanks for stopping by!

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