Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lefranc&Bourgeois DECO 3D Fake whip cream

Hey everyone!

I've been shopping on Internet recently and I found new medium which I think could be used as fake whip cream. It's Lefranc & Bourgeois Deco 3D Acrylic Paint. It comes in 120ml tubes in various colours and you buy nozzles for it (four in one pack), which can be attached onto the tube and then you use it just like icing tubes :) First maybe I will show you what it says on the back of the tube:

"Very thick acrylic colour, ready to use, perfect for creating volume. We recommend you use DECO 3D accessories (tips, comb, knives and 3D stencils) for applying the paint to vary your creations. Adheres perfectly to wood, plaster, paper, cardboard and acrylic-painted surfaces. test the adherence beforehand on smooth supports (glass, porcelain, metal). Variable drying time according to the thickness of the application. Wash the equipment in water."

This paint is matt after drying but it can be varnished or over painted. I bought "whip cream white" and "marshmallow green" colour :)
Here you can see how easily the nozzle is attached to the tube. Just screw it onto the tube and use it! It doesn't say on the label what maximum thickness is recommended so I'm not sure how would it dry if applied in very thick layer.
I've done a little test and used classic star nozzle and white paint, only because I didn't want to waste too much, as this paint is not that cheap :D

Here you can see how this paint looks like after more than one day. It's matt and not shiny. It still hasn't dried underneath. It kept nice shape and it didn't flatten.

I'm not sure what to think about this medium. It's quite adorable that it's available in many different colours so you don't have to mix it. It's also really convenient that you can easily attach nozzles to the tube and you don't have to mess around with piping bags, which sometimes can be messy :D (or not the bags, but me.... :P ). I'd say this 3D paint could be good for small items, but I'm not sure if I would risk using it on larger things like jars etc. I think I will make some more research about it and let you all know how it will go :) So far I'm quite excited about it although I don't think I will swap my beloved modelling paste for this new 3D paint :D

I wonder what you think about it? :)

Thank for looking!

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