Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hello everyone!

As you can see I have changed design of my blog :) The previous version became too overwhelming with all the sidebars, buttons and extras. I think it is time for a change. I searched for some nice and clear Blogger templates because I am too lazy to create my own one in html, or (being honest) I don't really know how to do it and I have no time to learn now :) I will add a proper header soon and try to personalize it a little more, but for now I'm pretty happy with how it looks. I'd like to keep everything simple from now on. I think that people reading blogs don't want to search through tons of adds, buttons and other rather useless apps, to get to the things they are interested in.

I feel a bit guilty that I've removed links to all these brilliant blogs. I have to apologize all of you who where featured here. You were and still are my source of inspiration and here i would like to thank you all for what you have done for me, even without realizing it:) Your blogs were the first ones I found about deco from and it's also because of you and your art I started my deco crafting. I want you to know that just because I removed links to you websites or blogs, doesn't mean that I forgot about you. No, no :) So far it's just a thought in my head, but I would like to write about your blogs here. Not as a review, but to tell other readers who inspires me the most. I hope you won't mind :)

About my deco. I work full time, five days a week, therefore I have only evenings and two free days in a week to create things. I also try to have my daily dose of exercises every evening. I live with my boyfriend so you can imagine how much cleaning I have :) I can't say that I'm a busy person, but all of these things can take time and sometimes I haven't much of it left to craft as much as I want to. And sometimes I'm lazy :) But I would like to promise myself, and you, that i will craft and I will write about everything I do. I will try not to post about little and pointless things. I want to make posts about serious creations, not just to post anything, because it would be just blogging rubbish :) and that's why I can't promise you to post really often :)

I will also try to take nicer and brighter pictures. After changing the blog theme to brighter version I noticed how dark my photos are, even the ones taken with my new camera :) 

And the last thing. I am hasty person. I do everything quick. I eat quickly, I move quickly (bumping into things and people :). I also blog quickly without checking what I wrote, only with spell check. So here I would like to promise that I will try to write properly, as much as a foreign person can :D I really wish I could create beautiful sentences in English, but I just haven't got a lot of experience with this language even though I've been speaking English for over four years now. I remember how scared I was not being sure if I could manage writing here. I thought I would be able to create simple sentences, but somehow I did it and I'm happy that I didn't give up. All thanks to you who wanted to read and look at it all :)

These are my changes and promises to you for the future. I want to keep them and I hope that you will help me do it. 

And finally I would like to thank all of you who are following this blog and you who I can't see but are reading it.

Thank you :)  

Your Mini Mo


  1. love your new lay-out!
    What you can do about the features from posts you like, is make a page (you can find that in your blogger template or gadget thingies) about who inspires you or something :)
    I have the same problem with English! I think my writing is incredibly simple when seeing a someone blogging who has English as a mother tongue ... About your style of writing, I like it :) Nothing wrong with that ;)
    Looking forward to your next posts!

  2. Thank you Riechan! You make me smile evry time you post a comment here :D

  3. @Mini mo, aww thanks, I'm happy to make you smile ^^