Sunday, 2 January 2011

Giveaway closed!

Hi guys!

First I would like to thank all of you who respond to my giveaway! I'm so happy and excited! :D
Today was the last day when anyone could join in and now I have to close the entry... I have counted all the participants and here is the complete list with multiple chances:

Erdbeer-Rei x 3
Cheri- Cheri x 3
Destiny x 3
Anna x 3
Lena Tallina x 2
Candy Sanctuary x 3
Prancingbee x 2
Zoe Belle Fry x 1
Rin x 2
Tzel x 1
Fran x 3
Melanie x 2
Poisonblooms x 2
Dolcemente ???
Sweets x Holic x 2
Riechan x 3
Sweet x nothings x 3
Ammorin x 2

I'm not sure if Dolcemente would like to participate. If you're reading this please respond asap, because I can't locate you on Facebook, here on Blogger or on Twitter, so I don't know if you would like to take part in this giveaway!

Please check the list if I've missed anyone or maybe I haven't counted a vote or something. It's my first ever giveaway so I could make a mistake! :D

I will draw the lucky winners tomorrow after work (yes I'm working tomorrow -__-'' ) and I will post the list here. I don't really want to look for any fancy programs on the Internet so I will propobaly draw by hand :D I might take a video if I won't be too tired after work (it will be very busy day... ). I will contact winners by email (if you've left any) or try to do it via Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you again everyone and I wish you all good luck!!! ^__^'


  1. I'm excited to see who wins :D Have some fun at work? and Happy (late) New Year to you!

  2. Too bad you are working today :( I'm trying to study... but as you can see, it doesn't work out that well XD haha
    Anyway, this is exciting!! ^^

  3. Thank you everyone! I'm excited too! :D I'm jusrt about to draw the lucky winners so fingers crossed!! ^_^'