Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How to make mega easy ice cream scoops

Hi everyone!

It's almost December now and proper winter has come to UK. It's been snowing today where I live and I think that this eveningg is the coldest one ever! You should see me now writing this to you: I'm wearing three layers of clothes and gloves! :D I live in a flat on the beach and almost everyone is jealous about that, but they don't realize how cold it's here in winter :) I'm really happy that I don't have to make anything from polymer clay because my hands could not cope with kneading it. But I still have some work to be done and today it was time to finish the rest of my ice creams. I've already made individual scoops and today I made scoops on waffle cones, and I decided that I could show you how to make them from air dry clay in a really easy way. It may take a bit longer than normal technique but you have a total control over the process. You can use this method with measuring spoon to make individual scoops as well, but I would like to show you that you don't really need it :)

The photos will be shown in kind of random order because I made two scoops on each cone and photos of the second scoop were just better :)
I also would like to apologize how dark they are but I usually make things in the evening and here in UK it gets dark before I finish work :( I tried to fix this problem with photoshop and hopefully you will be able to see everything.

So ffirst you have to make a ball shape from your coloured clay.

Here you can see that i attached it to already pre made ice cream scoop with deco glue.

Next you will need a piece of kitchen foil folder couple of times into a thin piece. The thickness will depend on how big ice cream scoop you want to make. The bigger, the thicker the foil piece should be, but it all depends how much define you'd like this scoop to be.
Using it make round creases in the clay, just like in the picture here. Try not to make one long line but rather more smaller ones. This will give you the basic texture of the scoop and most of the times, depends on what effect you will get (I get different every time :) it could be enough. If not, you can use another piece of kitchen foil in a ball shape and just dab slightly the surface of the clay.
Next you will need a pointed tool. You can use a needle tool, dart or just a toothpick. Whatever you prefer :)

Using it, rip a random pieces from your clay leftovers.

Try to get fluffy bits and stick them gently together. It doesn't really matter if they are perfect or not. Just try to avoid big chunky pieces.

I'm not shure if you can see it in the photo, but I usually apply a bit of glue on the scoop and then add fluffy fluff onto it :) to make sure that it wont fall off.

I would recommend using glue for larger scoops and the ones that will be bashed around a lot :) . I don't usually use glue for mini scoops.

And here you have ready made ice cream! :)

I've tried many method of making scoops before and I find this one the best. I don't have to care about clay sticking to measuring scoops and I can create scoop in any shape and size I want.

I also like the fluffiness of the edges because I've always had problems to create this realistic look using measuring scoops.

You will have to varnish it after it dries out and then you will be shure that these fluffy bits won't come off.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and I'd be happy to hear what you think about this method. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

And thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. This is sooo cute! It looks so realistic! I love the tinfoil idea, I never thought of that before.

  2. Thank you Caro-chan! The tinfoil idea is quite common but usualy after you use measuring scoop. Normally people just crease the surface but it's easier to create acctual texture with it :)

  3. Great idea! I used the tinfoil method before but always rolled it in a ball, I'll try folding next ;)

  4. @Riechan:
    Thank you! :D I used just a ball before but I couldn't get the effect I wanted. Now I can :D
    Btw how did it go with your cream puffs?

  5. Oh goodness! How adorable! I want to try this when I get some new clay.

  6. Thank you AngelShinigami! :D Hope you'll have fun making sweet ice creams! ^_^'

  7. Great tips, I'll definitely will try the tin foil idea the next time I make some ice cream scoops!

  8. @The Candy Sanctuary:
    Thank you! :D