Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New sweet clocks!

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Hey guys!

I've finally finished my custom orders and hopefully I will have some more time to create new things and write some post/tutorials for my blog. I know that my last commissions were not that difficult to make, but I still couldn't find much time to finish them. I also realize that it was my decision to work six days a week :( Sometimes I have moments, especially at work, when i think: "Why the hell am I being so harsh for myself? I should just give up and have these two long days off and have a rest!" But then I come home and look at all the things I want to buy for my BJD, and maybe MORE BJDs! :D I can also share a little secret with you. Me and my boyfriend want to get a dog :D So it's not like I'm only saving for dolls, but a dog too, and not to forget weekly savings for house.... So there is LOTS of money going out of my account :(

Etsy Link
 And that's why I have to list all my sweet products I've made before :) They are still hidden in my flat and i think that now it's the time to let them be free and make someone happy :) I don't know if I've already mentioned that,but I have two main reasons why I create these things. First, I just HAVE to create! It's such a basic instinct for me and i just can't stop! :D I think it may be some kind of mental illness, getting so many ideas for new things in my head. I usually fall asleep thinking about new products, and then I wake up thinking about it again! So random! :D

The second reason is to make someone happy. May sound silly but it's such a nice feeling knowing that the person receives one of my creations, will look at it and smile from joy :) Please forgive me this idiotic metaphor, but I feel like I'm raising my little babies, and then I let them go free into the world and let them make other people smile when they look at them everyday :) Silly me but that's how I feel! ^__^

 I've recently had a nice day off with lots of sunlight and I was able to take some really nice photos of all my items I want to list on Etsy. First will be two of my clocks I've made. This last one is already sold to lovely Emma :) So far I have only chocolate version with cherry and white classic whip cream with strawberry deco. I want to make more and more because I just love making them! I also have one in cookie shape but I still can't think of any topping for it...

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thank you for stopping by! :)


  1. Aww, I think that's so sweet how you feel about the products you make.
    I do a bit of crafting and make handmade presents as gifts for friends. I kind of don't want to give them away at first since I spent so long making each item, but when I give it to my friends and they seem so happy, I know it's totally worth the time and effort. c: (I hope that makes sense...)

    Love the clocks, though I suppose if I owned one, every time I'd look at it, it would make me crave sweets and cookies like crazy. (-__-)

    Also - don't overwork yourself and if you feel tired/stressed out/overwhelmed, just take a break. Naps are useful, haha.

    What breed of dog are you planning on getting?
    I'm partial to tiny dogs myself, since I'm kind of a short person, and I find large dogs to be a bit intimidating. :)

  2. awesome clocks! and i feel the same way about making sweets! lol i can never stop! =) i hope your able to get a nice doggy (maybe one that doesn't drool when you make your awesome sweets haha!)

  3. They look amazing! I love how you covered the entire clock.

  4. Thank you all for you nice comments! :)

    Creating things is like putting a little bit of yourself in it so when you give it to someone, a piece of you will stay with them :)

    I don't want to say what breed we want to have, I would like to keep it a secret. I like suprising you :D It will be sweet but not tiny ^__^

    And I have to learnhow to be more tidy when creating things, cuz I don't wantmypuppy to eat clay from the floor! :D Or I just get a door barrier for my room :)

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  6. Cute donut clocks! They look more classic than mine.

  7. Thanks Otete! Everyone has different style ^_^