Friday, 25 March 2011

First steps into Lolita fashion world

Hi everyone!

I only knew a little bit about Lolita fashion before but recently I started to get deeper and deeper into this fashion :) I think I've said before that I'm a bit conserned that i might get affected by "Lolita virus" and yes, I think I got the bug! :D  I've been also visiting F Yeah Lolita Blog for a while now and now I started following it officialy :) It's full of inspirations and advices too! :) I think this blog was one of the biggest reasons why I got affected by this "cute Loli bug"! :)

Being honest, I was a bit worried because I thought that Lolita fashion can be expensive, but I never follow any trend with blind eyes. I only get inspired by elements I like and then I create my own style. And so I got onto my favourite shopping website: eBay! :D I've already order tons of clothes, yeah mostly used as I think that if you care properly about them, they can be used for years and years. And you can get really nice pieces there too! Hopefully I will have courage to show you what I've chosen! I'm too shy and I dont know if I will look good enough to take some photos...

I still have some problems with accessories, especially shoes. I'm not a big fan of thick soles. I do like high military boots but I dont think I could wear these classic high lolita boots on my days off! :D And so I decided to go for nice ballerina flats and maybe I will add some bows or flowers to them :)

But today I would like to show you a brand of shoes I totally fell in love with: Irregular Choice! I think they could be a good alternative to chunky and sometimes too infant looking typical Lolita shoes. Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy! :D


  1. oooooooooh!! *excited*
    I also started like in January ^^
    I'd love to talk with you about it and see what kind of clothes you have bought!! I only have a bodyline skirt and some offbrand things ^^
    If you make a poupee you can share your wardrobe too ^^ (you can click on a link to mine in the left side bar on my blog ^^)

  2. Thanks riechan! :D
    I try to create my own wardrobe by byuing seperate skirts, blouses ans shirts :) Maybe i'll buy a dress in the future and just add some deco to it and laces etc :)
    I think that just by adding tutu or white lacy underskirt you can create lolita style, without going over the top :)

    I do have poupee but I forgot my account name! I'll try to find it. before I didnt have many clothes i could share. They are most "house" clothes! :D

  3. Mwa haha, glad to have helped you get bitten by the loli bug :3 Good luck with your adventures in it!

    I loooove IC shoes! I don't own any but I really love browsing their site and drooling over them. They're just so fantastic. I am really loving the floral print ones you've posted, they're all so cool!

  4. Thanks Caro-Chan! You are truly an inspiration for any Lolita fan :) I will propably be asking for advice on your blog too! :D

  5. She is !! I love F Yeah lolita ^^ so much great articles!!
    Ooh I'd love to see some pictures if you make some outfits, Mini mo ^^

  6. I want to see pics too! ^3^
    I've heard many people saying that "never buy loli clothes from ebay!", but you can make a lot of cheap and pretty finds there! I've only bought some shoes and kimono stuff from ebay, but there is a lot of good (and also bad lolita) stuff.

    Good luck with creating your lolita closet! :3

  7. Riechan:
    I know, this blog is full of advices and inspirations! :D

    Airi-San & Riechan:
    I wont make them, I rather buy some clothes and add some extra things to make them look like Lolita style. And I didnt buy strickt Lolita clothes, but clothes that can be "Lolita" I will show you soon and you will judge if they can be titled Lolita :D

  8. oh but I didn't meant that you make them, I meant well, if you make an outfit as in dress up lolita-y than I want to see it ;)

  9. Oh sorry! I didnt understand! :P

  10. Oh my goodness! Those shoes are to die for....I wonder if they have them in my size >.>