Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Cherie is here!!!! ^_^ Photos overload! :D

I know that I said in previous post that I need a break but something amazing has happened and when something good is happenning to us we want to share it with peopl who are close to us. And I treat you as my friends (lame!.... :D ) and I would like to share my happy moments with you :)
What I want to say?! That my dear little girl, Cherie is here!!!!! :D
She arrived this morning at 11.30 at my work! I seriously almost got a heart attack! And for the whole day I couldn't believe that she's waiting for me upstairs locked in a box!
I won't say much anymore and just show you photos :) Only will mention that she hasn't got face up yet and clothes so please be aware: LOTS OF NUDITY! :D Enjoy! (photos not nudity! ^o^ )


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you! I made my blog! It's me...Lizzy! :) Have a nice break!

  2. Thank you Liz! I've just added your blog to my list! :)

  3. How cool!! So that's why you were so excited :D
    She looks wonderful! Can't wait 'till she has clothes and more colour :)
    Ooh damn, you make me want to get one of those to ... perhaps I'll go through my childhood barbies and attack one of those :D

  4. She is so realistic. *__*
    I look forward to her future dress-ups and when you make her all nice and pretty. :)
    What is this, may I ask? It looks like some sort of string, but I don't know. .__.

  5. Rin this is elastic string which holds all the doll's parts together. It's inside the doll.

    And I want to make clothes for her, just need to learn a bit :D

  6. Riechan:
    These dolls are so cool! You can get them in many sizes, the largest ones are the most expensive.

    I also have one small doll, kind of bag/key charm. the doll is about 10cm high. I want make small giveaway soon just don't know what requirements I would give. So please keep an eye on my blog maybe you will win it! :D