Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Brake time

Hi guys!

I've been working and only working recently and I think that it's time for a short brake time for me... Not from work off course... That would be just impossible right now, but from posting here for a while. I don't want this to sound really drastic :D I will be here and I will read your blogs like I always do, I just won't post much for a while.

I forgot how to enjoy creating things like I used to. I still love it, don't understand me wrong :) But right now I feel like I "have to" create and make new things. I know that it's me who puts this pressure on myself, but I'm the kind of person who doesn't know how to relax... I want to add all of my items on Etsy, make some more, post here every day, make things for my BJD and do much more than you can imagine! :) But I'm the least organized person I know and I always get distracted by things around and I end up finishing nothing I plan to :(

So I decided that I will give myself a little brake from posting here. It will be probably week or two. I might post some long "photos only" entries just because I'm too addicted to blogging and I think I kind of owe this to all of you who follow me here :)

I also like you guys and I treat you like my "far away" friends :) Yeah I know, I'm sooo lame! :D But it's true. And it will be a bit hard to stop writing things to you but I know that I need this and I have to do it.

First I will have to properly tidy up my room! :D I'm not messy person I just make lots of mess when I make things :) I also need to make some room for my BJD. I also haven't forgotten about my commissions, so please don't be worried, I will finish them. I have three right now, they are not that big so I know that I can manage :)

I hope you will understand my decision... I need to relax a bit and stop constantly stressing myself. Someone told me that constant thinking that I have to do something, is a type of OCD but I don't really believe I have it. I do have many issues and I don't want to add another one to my list! :D

I also would like to compensate to you my future lack of posts and show you photos of my mini photo frames I will add to Etsy (soon, soon... )

Thank you for visitng my blog!


  1. If it's time for a brake, it's time for a brake ^^
    I am having one too because of school work and just because I'm too tired in the evening to write things :s Have to change that next week 'cause I have done crafty things I wanna show ^^
    Enjoy your brake!

  2. Enjoy your break and try and relax and make time for yourself.

  3. Thank you for your comments! I feel so week recently, I think it's lack of sleep, food and 6 days at work...... And coffee doesn't help anymore :P

  4. Aww, don't worry we understand! Its hard to constantly post and do 10,000 other things it really wears on you! I go through that a lot, I post, craft and have a good running at it then crash hit where I have to retreat back to my room for a while. So I totally support your decision! :)

    Have a great time relaxing! :D

  5. Aww it's so adorable - and it's fine about taking a break ^^ good luck~

  6. Don't worry about it, you should be able to take as long as a break as you need to. I actually admire your commitment to blogging; I haven't blogged since January 1st...

    When it comes to artistic/creative subjects, it's especially difficult to constantly come up with new things. I think there's a word for it...a slump? I have no idea. Anyway, I go into periods of time where I'm like,"OKAY, I AM IN THE MOOD TO WRITE THE NEXT GREAT ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY!" but I'm unable to come up with anything. It might be a little different from what you're experiencing, but I can kind of relate. :O

    As for my custom order, you can take as long as you need. (ie. three months, six months, a year, two years, and so on, haha) I'm in no rush, I'm just pleased that I'm finally able to commission you!

    Have a lovely break!

  7. Thank you all!
    I think I feel better now, maybe because that doll I got recently :D
    We all have bad days from time to time and that day propably was one of mine...
    I really want to feel that happines from crearign things again. I don't know if you have something similar, but when I know that I can make something, then it's not fun anymore. But when I learnsomething and I make something for the first time, then it's a challenge for me and it's more excitin rathen than making more copies of one item.
    And I started to feel pressure from my Etsy shop, like I HAD to make new things. I think of myself as a kind of artist and i don't like to be rushed with my creations. Everything has to be created naturally, spontaniuosly and with love :D

    I feel the same. I want to make something but at that time I have totall emptiness in my head. Or I just waste my time onInternet which is a killer for creativity! :D
    About your commission. I want it to be something realy nice because it's for you :) I don't just want to "make it". I* believe that everything has it's own perfect moment to be "born" :D

  8. Aww, thanks. :D You're so nice.
    I don't just want to "make it". I* believe that everything has it's own perfect moment to be "born" :D
    That's a good way to look at life. Inspiration will come when it does.

  9. yeah Rin, that's how i feel :D If I force myself to create things, they don't look as good as I want them to be :)