Sunday, 13 March 2011

Miya's first photoshoot :)

Hey guys!

As you could see in my previous post, I got my very first resin BJD but she came without face up, because I wanted to do it by myself. I've done first one couple of days ago but I messed it up.... I was too impatient and I didn't wait long enough for MSC to dry and just at the end, while adding some more colour to her eyes, I scratched her eyelid with brush! :( I mean I scratched only paint with coasting revealing resin underneath. But it scared me to death because I thought I scratched actual resin because the patch looked so white! I started removing face up with acetone free nail varnish remover (which I luckily didn't bin! ). I have to say that I felt physically sic, thinking that I damaged my dear doll's head! But after removing whole face up I discovered that her face is totally undamaged :)

Yesterday I made her new improved make up and here you can see some photos from her first photo shoot :D

I'm trying to be really careful with her and not to take her into direct sunlight because I don't want her skin to turn yellow :(  But I did put her by the windowsill for a couple of minutes today to take some nice photos :) I hope she will be OK... Also I don't have proper camera, only my Sony Cyber-shot and I don't know how to avoid this "magnifying" photo effect... And I had to use a bit of Photoshop help to make these pictures look nicer :D 

Hope you enjoyed this!
And thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. If you sprayed MSC on her body she's going to be "more protected" your doll will yellow but it's going to take a lot more than a few minutes in the sun to make that happen.

    She's very pretty by the way.

  2. Thank you Pawawanpi! :) I did spray only her face for face up (with UV MSC), but not the body. I'm cosnidering covering her whole body, for blushing too, but I might do it when I decide to restring her... And I need a lot of courage for that :D

  3. Her face up looks gorgeous! Very soft and natural <3

    Like Pawawanpi said, dolls do yellow with age after a few years and this can be accelerated by exposure to sunlight, but a few minutes here and there for photos won't hurt :)

  4. awww... you are so cute! You worry about your doll like she was your baby. That's so sweet!

  5. Thank you Kasumi! :D And yes Shalott,she is my precious baby! ^o^

  6. Wow! I don't think I'll have the skills and patience to do this, you must really love Miya!

    I remember when I was like 5, I used a blue pen and coloured my dolls nails. I also used some medicinal oil (don't ask me why) as brown eyeshadow. Yeah, I ruined her but still!

    Continue to take good care of your baby, which is very pretty!

  7. hm seems that my previous comment wasn't posted ... anywho
    She's cute! I'd love to see her with clothes ^^ You've inspired me to pull out some of my barbies and attack them with paint ^^

  8. Riechan, I've seen your comment before. I dont know why it isnt posted here... ??
    And thank you! Hahah! It could be hard to paint Barbies as they have small faces but worth to try :) You might have to wash off their original make up, maybe with acetone free varnish remover?