Monday, 14 March 2011

Because girls love strawberries, pearls and gold...

Long time no posts about clay sweets! :D

I'm back with new creations! I've mentioned some time ago that I made some LED candle holders and I'd like to show them to you today. There is also new pen/makeup brush holder too :)They all are inspired by Valentines Day but somehow (ehm.. me being lazy?...) they were not finished by the V day... I'm not gonna say much because there is not much to say about them :D Just want to add that it was hard to take photos of them with flickering candles! :D I will be adding all of them to my Etsy soon (when I slap and force myself to do it ^o^ ) Enjoy!


  1. These are gorgeous! The gold makes them look so classy. I definitely love the one's in icing along the candle holder, they look so sweet!

  2. Thank you Caro-chan! I want to make more classy desserts in the future :)

  3. *___*
    I seriously thought that these were real. The gold on the white chocolate pieces is a nice touch. :) I think my favorite may be the strawberry wafer one (no idea what it's called).

    After seeing so many photos of the destruction in Japan recently, it's nice to come home to see something pretty.

    This totally brightened up my day, thanks~

  4. Hi
    I would be interested in purchasing some of these items :)
    Can you message me with the prices and postage costs etc

    Thanks :)


  5. I can't wait for these too arrive!!!! So Excited!

  6. Thanks Emma! :) I hope you will like them! :D