Friday, 26 November 2010

Birthday gifts

Hi everyone!

Market day is getting closer and closer and I've been busy trying to get everything done on time, but I still could find some time to make birthday gifts for my boyfriend's sister and his niece :)

I wanted to make something sweets related for my boyfriend's sister, but she's older than us and more serious :) therefore I've tried to create something elegant and "lady like", and so I made these two cute picture frames. I didn't make frames off course, I bought them in Ikea, my favourite store :D To make these flowers, I used Soft Fimo and this was the first time I worked with it. I don't think I will come back to normal, classic polymer clay as this soft version is much easier to work with and hands don't hurt so much :D

My boyfriend's niece is nine years old so I could let my imagination free and make something deco sweets related. I decided to make this sweet clock, partially because I was wanting to make clocks like this for long, long time and finally now I had a chance to do it.

The clock is from Ikea too and it's quite small, about 10cm tall and it was made from transparent plastic.
I wrapped it in air dry clay, "baked it" and then applied all the cream and deco.

For anyone who'd like to make clock like this I have one advice: varnish the clock dough before applying cream and deco. I used pastel powder to bake it and I had to be really careful when varnishing, because the powder mixed with varnish was getting onto the cream, making it brown.

As a deco I used my old sugar coated polymer clay cookie and polymer clay strawberry slices. The white chocolate and pink candy are also made from polymer clay (candy is made from translucent mixed colour polymer clay). 

The rest of the deco is made from air dry clay and cream itself is a Galeria's modelling paste, which was varnished twice.

And here I had to point out something. I've never used modelling paste in such a big quantity and I didn't know that it will take around four days to dry out. Being honest, I had to help it with drying using a hair dryer... Yeah, now I know that you can do it, just use the lowest setting, so you wont get everything burned :D Well, it won't burn but it might wrinkle or something :)

I wanted to add some strawberry sauce on the top of the ice cream scoop and I used mix of resin and glass and acrylic paint. I did it when I made my chocolate sundae with the same technique, and here you can see that the sauce has spread all over the scoop :( Disaster but my boyfriend's niece didn't notice anything :D I can tell all of you in a secret that I've discovered how to make you own sauce and I will share it with you soon :)

The cookie behind is meant to be a "Party Ring" and some of you living in UK know this type of cookie :) This is a gift for a little English girl and I wanted her to have sweets on this clock that she could recognize, not some French fancy sweets that even I don't really know :D

Overall I'm quite happy with this clock and I hope that she will like it too. I want to make more of them and sell them on the market day. I have couple donut shaped ones, and also one cookie and one pastry shaped :)

I'm really curious what you think about it :)
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  1. lOVE the clock!! And I like the effect you gave the icecream with the sauce. I think it looks more natural this way, like the strawberry sauce was already in the icecream

  2. @Mini Mo: you're welcome ^^ gnigni. You always make me want to deco 'cause of your wonderful things but I don't have time so stop doing that! :D

  3. @Riechan: What's gnigni? :D And I can't stop! I'm totally adicted to it! Deco freak! :D

  4. @Recycling jewelery girl:
    Thank you! :D


    I would love you to make one of these for me!

    I will contact you about it via Etzy xx

  6. Hi Emma!
    I haven't got any blank clocks at the moment, but I have three already made ones which I want to list on Etsy. But if you'd want one I could send you photos of them and if you'd like one, I could sell it to you outside etsy (they won't take any fees in that case). I can email photos to you today :)

  7. I am soooo pleased I bought one of these clocks, It is so cute and gorgeous, I may have to buy another!

  8. Thank you Emma! I still have two left :D