Monday, 22 November 2010

Work in progress - Chocolate sundae

Hello again!

I've mentioned in my last post that I'm currently experimenting with resin making jellies. I tried to use resin for something different, this time to make deco sauce. I've tried epoxy resin glue before to make sauce (well, once) and maybe because I bought cheap one, it didn't really look good. It became opaque and not transparent after mixing it with acrylic paint. My crystal epoxy resin was my next choice. I mixed it with acrylic paint and waited couple of hours until it became thick enough, and used it on my first ever sundae photo holder :) 

For a whip cream I used silicone and modelling paste. I put silicone inside of the glass and modelling paste on the top, just to be shure that deco won't fall off and I will be able to varnish it after drying. 

I must say that this resin sauce worked well inside of the glass, but it wasn't thick enough to stay properly on the top of sundae. You can see that it has "melted" on top of the ice cream scoop and it doesn't look like a zig zag anymore :(

But there are some things I am proud of, like my almond pieces which I made using mix of transparent and normal polymer clay :) I didn't want to spend much more money on grace or modena clay to create this semi translucent effect (which is required to make proper nut pieces, I think). I made a long cane, baked it and then sliced it just like you slice it for banana pieces.

I also ordered some custom made stamps with my logo and some extra ones for special occasions :) And this chocolate piece in the back is made using texture stamp for metal clay. Yes this is my next crafting idea to start making silver clay jewelery, but so far I'm too busy with making these clay little (and not) babies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for visiting my blog!  :)


  1. Like I said on the decoden livejourna.
    Looks really good! I just got resin through a swap so I could try that too!
    But I think you have to work outside with resin, don't you? ('cause of the toxic gasses and such)

  2. I'm not that experienced with resin so I can't say. I think that polyurethane (or something like that :P ) is more toxic than my epoxy resin(I use crystal resin). I work at hope in my porch, so away fro, food etc. I also use gloves but I have to say that I'm a risk taker and i don't really care about all these health&safety issues :P IO shouldn't say that but I'm an adult so do whatever I want :P Sometimes I end up hurting myself (like properly cutting my finger at work :D ) but I don't mind :)

    If you're worried then work outside or at least open windows and wear gloves. Better safe than sorry :)

  3. That is so adorable! It looks just like real ice cream :D I really love your little name plaque on it, it's a very cute touch. Too bad about the resin not being thick enough though!

  4. Thank you Caro-chan! I want to try this technique again, maybe just wait a bit longer. Or I will mix glue/varnish with acrylic paint...

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