Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Blue wedding cake phone charm treasured!

Hi everyone!

This will be a quick update :) I have added couple of new items to my Etsy shop last night, pink and blue wedding cake phone charms, and guess what? The blue charm got noticed straight away and it's been added to Etsy treasury! How sweet! ^_^'

This treasury is called "Don't be blue..." and it featured lots of beautiful items. You can check it out clicking on the image below. Have fun  and thanks for visiting my blog! :)


  1. How cool they featured you! (again ^^)

  2. Yeah, I feel really flattered :) I listed it and bang! I got treasured! It makes me happy that it's listed with items that are not stricly "deco" :)

  3. I really think you could open your own real shop and make lots of money because your creations are so good!!! :)

  4. Thank you Emma! But I dont think you can make the same money I earn now just by making these clay sweets... Although I wish I could! -__-'