Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cookies and jellies

I'm back again! :D Just for a little bit to show you some quick photos.

I finished work a bit earlier the other day and I decided to play with resin :) I've always wanted to make little jellies and these little babies are my first ones that came out pretty well. I used normal silicone ice/jelly mould and glass paint. The mould itself is not smooth so my jellies look a bit frosted. I got the parcel from Japan today with different smooth jelly moulds so my next jellies will be shiny :)
I don't know what I'll make from them, maybe fridge magnets...

The next thing I've been working on were cookies and biscuits. I need a lot of them so I've made different types, here you can see only one and some wafers for ice creams. I've used makeup sponge to "bake" them and I must say that I don't know how I could live without it before! It's so easy to shade things with it and it creates totally different look than brushing with pastel powder. If anyone's reading this is just starting to make deco sweets, makeup sponge is a must! Believe me, it will make your life much easier :) .

Some of you know that I've tried to make whip cream from fimo air dry clay before, but I failed. Well I tried again :) I added less water and I made "swirl" cookies :) I don't know their real name so I call them swirl cookies :D
I also made these twisted... things. And off course I used now my favourite sponge. So easy! :)

I still have much more things to make and recently I get lost  what I need more or not. I think I might have wrong way of creating things. It's like with my clothes shopping: I buy things I like without thinking and then I'm stucked with items that don't match each other. So now I'm worried that I will be left with deco that won't look good together :( I need to revise what I need and stop reading blogs for some time, not to get distracted. I just see things and I want to make them, forgetting about all the other sweets I was planning to make before. Total mess! But I am messy and chaotic :D Well, at least my room is after my crating.... ^_^'

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for looking!


  1. Your jellies are super cute looking, even if they are frosted looking! I make resin stuff and I've been wanting to make my own jelly pieces for a while but I've never been able to find good molds for it! Where did you happen to find yours?

  2. Thank you Caro-chan :) I've been playing around with resing recently, trying to make pendants but somehow they didn't look good. I lack patience :D

    These moulds are from Ikea:
    Very cheap! I just had to cut the tops off (they were poking out too much and cream would be too high).
    I also bought some from ebay recently. It was acctualy hard to fing small flexible moulds. Most of them are just plastic.

  3. those jellies are very cute !! I've never try to make resin stuff. may be i should try :D

    what clay did you use for making those cookies? hearty? i used kutsuwa clay,but it isn't look real as you :)

  4. Thank you Noonpuppet!
    I'm still learning how to use resin. I mean just using it is quite easy, mixing two parts of it and pouring it into mould. You just need to wear gloves etc.
    The thing I need to learn is how to make different layers of colour, how and when to add little deco items into it so they won't sink down and so on.These are things that require patience and I don't have it :)

    And the clay I used forcookies in the second picture is the cheapest air dry clay, Daiso. I coloured it with "ochre" paint, but I don't remember which paint I used for "baking" :P Ochre I think....

  5. Great job on everything

    your cookies look fantastic. They look really real and detailed.

    I've been meaning to try this technique because the pastels get on my nerves. My cookies tended to be too orange or too yellow.

    So I went to the craft store and picked up some paint. I hope mine turn out as good as yours.

    I think I'll just have to add an extra step to seal the paint since I use polymer clay.

    and when you say "daiso clay" you mean clay purchased from the store daiso? you're lucky if you have a daiso store near you.

  6. I'm sorry Kawaiifrenzy than I'm answering now! :P

    I bought Daiso clay on Etsy :D I wish I would have shop like this near where I live! :D

    And I used to paint polymer cookies before baking. The cookies I have on sale on my Etsy are made with this technique. Everyone says that you can't bake acrylics but I did and nothing happened :) I just had to let it dry on clay. I think it works only on unbaked clay, after baking it just smudges...
    And for me pastels didn't work with polymer clay at all...

  7. omg... how did u make the swirl cookie and the longer swirly one! please do a tutorial <3

  8. @Styleganji:
    Thank you :) The swirl ones are just clay mixed with a bit of water and piped through icing tip. People in Japan just use normal clay whipped cream and colour it after drying. I couldn't afford that so I used cheaper clay mixed with water :P

    And I might do a short tutorial on how to make these straws. They are realy easy to make :)