Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cherries, watermelon and market plans

Hey everyone!

I've noticed that most of the people who make deco sweets not only sell them on Internet like Etsy for example, but also at their local markets. It seems that it's quite common in Japan. I'm not an expert but almost every owner of the Japanese blog (and not only Japanese) I've read recently, has posted pictures of their market stands filled with amazing items. Being honest I've became a little bit jealous, not in a bad way, but more jealousy inspired by this fact. So I've done some research on the Internet and I've discovered quite a big market in my area and I'm planning to sell some of my items there. So far it's just an idea in my head. I would really like to do it at the end of December, so I would have about five weeks to make all the things I want to and from now on I will be working on the items I'd like to sell there. I've already started creating all the components and today I'd like to show you my cherries :)

I've made them using air dry Fimo clay and then painted with acrylic paint. I've tried to shade them a little at the top where the stem should be, but it didn't work out. Now I know why :) It's hard to do it with the brush and easier with powder sponge, which I've bought recently and I will try it out soon.

I wanted to cover them with normal varnish, but I decided to use something different to create this extra polish. I've mixed Lixuitex Gloss Medium&Varnish with a bit of red paint and painted cherries with it twice. After that I applied normal varnish.

To make stalks I used paper covered wires, which I bought at my local sugar craft store. The ends are made by just dipping them in acrylic paint. I will varnish them for extra protection (so they won't unwrapped themselves) after I attach them onto ready made items.

I've mentioned couple of posts earlier that I made some watermelon pieces and here they are. I used Sukerukun, stick Fimo seeds into it and then painted them with the same method  I used for cherries: gloss medium mixed with a bit of acrylic paint. I wanted to achieve glossy transparent effect.

Since I've decided to attend my local market I will have loads of work to do and I will probably won't show many ready made items, only separate components, like these cherries for example. I'm planning to make not only phone charms but also things like photo frames, clocks and other things, which I don't want to mention right now. I would like to surprise you a bit, although many people has probably deco-ed them already in the past :D

So now I'm off now to make some more fruits!  :)
Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for looking!


  1. lovely cherries and watermelons! Good luck with all that work! and the market!
    I was thinking the same thing, but I'm not particularly good in any of my crafts so I have to improve if I want to own a market stall someday :)

  2. i love those cherries i looks real. ^^
    Good luck with all that work. ^__^

  3. They're gorgeous! I love the cherries! I wish you all the best for a market stall! It's hard work and it's hard at first but it's really worth it :). If you've got any questions come ask me and i'll try to help you out.

    I also read your whip creams review, it's amazing haha! Thanks so much, that would've cost a lot of money!

    I'm also loving your new layout, the old one was a bit cluttered. I need to change mine, mine's cluttered on the left :(.

  4. Riechan: Thank you! And I know that you will find something you're really good at. I have to say that year ago I wouldn't even think that I could make things like this :D I can draw and I always thought that this is the only thing I can make properly.

    Noonpuppet: Thank you, I'm glad you like them :)

    Thank you so much, I will propobally have some questions soon :) For now I'm trying to stock up as many items as I can, although I still need to consider the fact that I will have to take taxi to get there so I can't have to many things. I won't be able to carry them all! :D

    And I'm glad that I've tried modelling paste finally. It's an amazing medium and I will be using it fromnow on :) The last thing I need to find now is a european substitute for Sukerukun and Grace clay.

  5. Love the cherries! I def think you should try and sell them! Good luck! You have a very sweet blog!

  6. Thank you Miss Okashi! I want to use them as a deco for my photo frames, photo holders and lots of other things so I need more of them :D I will propobaly have to make more... And I'm glad you like my blog :D

  7. Your cherries look fantastic. Great Job

    and good luck selling at the market.

  8. Thank you Kawaiifrenzy! Market is an idea in my head so far. I will do it if I'll finish all the items I want. And I want to make a lot but I'm scared that I don't have much time. I'm a pesimistic person... ^__^'