Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dinner for Shmucks & Miniatures inspiration

Hello again!

As most of you know I love crafting and playing with clay. It all started about an year ago just by learning how to sew and make handbags etc. Next I discovered polymer clay and I learned how to make jewellery.
Then I heard about silver clay and spend a little fortune on materials and tools to make my own silver jewellery, which are still waiting for me in my drawer :)  Next was the whole decoden culture. And couple of days ago I thought that this will be the end of my search for new crafts, but how wrong I was... Just randomly I 've visited "Evangelion's Handmade" blog and I felt in love. I was never interested in dolls, dollhouses and miniatures. I did like it but it never moved my heart until yesterday, when I saw dolls, handmade by Mei. They are just adorable! I couldn't believe that human hand can make such a sweet things! Now I'm waiting until she will add some dolls to her Etsy and I will definitely buy one! :)

She also makes miniature items, and they were the main reason why I got infected by a "miniatures virus" :) I've been visiting blogs about miniatures from time to time, but Mei's blog was the one that totally converted me to this hobby. I have to say that I'm a bit worried because I realize that it could be very addictive and expensive hobby, but I just couldn't help it! :) Straight after reading her blog, I checked eBay and bought some furnitures and tiny accessories, and now I'm waiting for my tiny parcels :) I was also considering buying a proper (but used) doll house, but I stopped myself in time. Or my boyfriend stopped me, saying that I already have plenty of crafty stuff in my room and first I need to sell all my things on Etsy, making room for other things I want. I'm glad that I have him, otherwise I would end up with rooms filled with clutter I love! :D So the idea of buying doll house has to wait for later. The plus is that I have cool shelves in my room which actually look like doll house rooms and I will create my "house parts" there :) I will be posting pictures while making things here. I am really excited about it and I can't wait to make tiny pillows, cakes, cookies, etc! I will still make deco items but at least now I will have a little more diversity in my hobbies :)

About the title of this post: Dinner for Shmucks.
Have you seen this movie? It's a really funny movie, where one of the characters creates miniature sceneries with tiny mice :) Long story short, he's the shmuck, meaning the crazy one. And when I decided that I want to try out miniatures hobby, I realized that I probably will be like him : a shmuck crazy about miniatures :)

Hope you enjoy reading this and thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. Those dolls are adorable!!!!!!
    You know, instead of buying a dollhouse, why not make one?

    And I opened your package this weekend and I love it!!! the ring and hairclips are very cute! (I'm wearing one of the hairclips right now ^^)

    Haven't seen that movie yet. Sounds interesting!

  2. Aww, thank you Riechan. I'm glad you like them :) And movie is really funny!

    I want to make my own house :) I will buy some wooden panels tomorrow and we'll see :D Wish me luck!

  3. Oh yay a new blog for me to follow! Thank you for the link.

    I also recieved my package and it's wonderful! The strap is hanging on my phone :3 (Makes my phone look prettier)

    I haven't seen Dinner for Shumcks. Is it animated?

  4. @Ammorin:

    No worries! I fell in love with this blog and I just had to write about it :D

    And I'm happy that you like your prize! :)

    About the movie: no it's not animated, but it's really funny and guy there makes miniatures with cute mice :D

  5. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Yay Im so happy now I can quickly post on you blog and keep in touch with you.

  6. Hey Mixi! I'm happy too and sorry that I've had my settings wrong for such a long time!!! :P