Saturday, 15 January 2011

Decorate you desk with fake sweets! :)

Hello everyone!

I've been taking a lot of photos of my items because I will be back to work from monday :( and I wont have much time to do that then. I'm also still adding new things to my Etsy at the moment like these sweet desk pen organizers :) I must say that I'm a bit proud of them because noone else have made them before. I've seen a lot of plates decorated with fake sweets, especially on japanese blogs but they didn't really have any particular purpose, exept of being a decorative item. I always wanted to make something like that, but for me it has to also be practical.

I made two version of these pen holders, strawberry and chocolate one :) I want to make some more, but for now I finaly  have to start selling, because I'm running out of space in my drawers! :D
I hope you will like my new items and I'm looking forward to hear what you think.

And I'm glad that the situation with massive floods in Australia is getting better and Tiff is OK. We all think about you! :D

Thank you all for visiting my blog! :)


  1. These look amazing! I especially like the chocolate one.

  2. Hello! your works are truly kawaii!!

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments! :D

  4. These are amazing! I have always felt the same way about the plates, you've come up with the perfect solution. ♥

  5. Thank you! :D btw I really like your blog :) and thank you for following me! :D

  6. Hi Mo

    Have you still got the chocolate pen holder for sale?

    I'd like to buy it..If you have how much would it be including postage?

    Emma :)

  7. Hi Emma!
    No both of them, pink and chocolate ones are sold. Sorry!