Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Long time no proper posts! :D

Hi guys!

Long time no see! :D My giveaway is finally closed and most of the prizes have already been sent :) I have to say that it was a brilliant experience and I will definitely make another one, just don't know when :)
I have my week off now and this gave me some time to finally tidy up my room and all my craft clutter :D I also have some time to take pictures of all of my finished products and I will be adding them slowly to my Etsy shop :) I have so many of them! New phone charms, like macaroons, cupcakes, donuts and cute cookies, and also some new things :) So stay tuned and check my blog and Facebook for updates :) 

So far I've added new classy but still cute and delicious dessert pendants to my Etsy. They are made from air dry and polymer clay and they all come with free 24'' silver plated necklace. at first I thought that it would be too long, but I was told that it's always better to have longer necklace and then make it shorter to your likings, rather than struggle with too short one. And apparently longer necklaces are fashionable right now. I don't know because I don't follow fashion... ^__^' There are four flavours of these pendants so everyone can find something they like :)

I've also made some sweet brooches in two flavours, chocolate and strawberry. I bought lots of these adorable spoons and I just couldn't think of what to make out of them. I didn't want to make phone charms, because they are too heavy and they could damage or scratch phones. One day it stricked me and I made them into these delicious brooches :) They are approx 5.5cm wide and 7cm long (where the spoon is) so they could make a sweet but still classy accessory not only to your wardrobes but also as a bag charm :)

I have also further lowered my shipping costs on all of the jewellery and phone charms. I've done it because I've finally decided on my packaging after my market day and the giveaway. I've noticed that I can pack them quite professionally and I don't have to put them into chunky jewellery boxes, and that cuts postage costs a lot :) So all the products look more professional and clients can be happier with lower shipping costs. Everyone wins! :D

I also have been reading some of my favourite blogs recently and I've noticed that things are changing now. Some people move on with their lives and I see them less and less here in our blogging world. Some of them decide to craft less or don't post as often as they used to. And I have to understand that and respect their decisions. Crafts and blogging are less important and everyone has to focus on things that are more valuable for them.
I just can't stop feeling sad... It feels like I'm loosing friends. Maybe it's because I've lost so many of them by moving here to UK and now I get too emotional by the smallest lost :) I just all want you to know that you have friends here and we won't forget you :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for looking! :)


  1. I absolutely adore those new pendants!! Hope you get lot's of sales now! Those spoons are cute too ^^
    Got your package but haven't opened it yet, 'cause it's at home and I'm at my dorm T_T Can't wait!
    Aww I think it's sad that Tiff is leaving too :( But if it's better for her, I'm happy too ^^
    Though I'm not leaving soon :P

  2. Hi! Your pendants are sooooo preety! I love them. Sadly for me, I can't get one right now, but I hope I will!!!

    It's funny that many bloggers you use to read feel like RL friends, but you actually never meet them... and when they stop writing it's like they have gone to another city and you never see them again, just occasionally hear something :S But hey, good thing is that everyday new crafters arrive in the blogging world with fresh ideas and stuff to share! I know I usually post in spanish, because most of my readers are from Spain, but I love to read your blog too (and sorry for posting so little!!!)

  3. @Riechan:
    Thank you! I hope you will like your gifts! :)
    And yes, it is sad that Tiff's leaving but deep iside I hope she will come back to us one day...

    You're so sweet, as always! Thank you! :)
    I understand that many new people come to blogging world but it's stillhard to replace a good friend with someone new. But I'm happy that I still have other friends here, like you two girlies! :D

    And fran,you don't have to be sorry for not posting so often.I shpuld be sorry fornot commenting on your blog! :P

  4. Awh, it's so sweet that you like the little deco community so much! I'm very sad for Tiff as well, but I hope that good things can happen for her, and that some luck will come her way with the flood situation. I really like the pendants, and I agree about the necklace length! Very cute, never disappointed with your work!
    -- Zoey