Friday, 28 January 2011

First steps into miniature world

Hello everyone!

I haven't been here for a while, because I was getting into new hobby's, strongly related to making deco sweets. I really got into miniatures and dollhouses, just like I mentioned in my previous post. I bought lots of 1/12 scale furnitures but now I've decided to try to make my own. I know, I won't make any complicated book shelves but I think I would manage making a simple table or a chair :)

So far I've learned how to make mini baskets :) Here is a picture of one I've made. The only problem I had was a wrong type of glue. I needed a quick drying glue and I only had a superglue, which left "wet" stains on it so I had to paint it white :) Next time I will use  a tacky, quick drying glue.
The roses I used are the cake decorating ones, I've mentioned long time ago in my post about useful things :)

I've also been baking a bit and I made these little Victorian heart cookies.

Like I said I'm totally new to miniatures and dollhouses, so first I bought already painted white table and wall cupboard. Next I found really nice website with cheaper wooden furnitures. Painting them can't be that hard and I would like to make them look "shabby", because I just love this style :)

Here you can see one of these kitchen units. The only things I made by myself here are the wooden spoon and cookie cutters. I made them to be only decorative items, but I might use them as a cutters for my next cookies :)
I don't really know how to take proper photos of miniatures. I only have  a digital camera so after I have to play around with Photoshop to make these photos look like taken with professional equipment :P So any help with how to improve the look of them will be much appreciated! ^_^'

I also plan to make my own dollhouse. It's just a plan in my head for now, although I already have wood, nails and glue for it. I even bought some wallpaper and fabrics for carpet and curtains to force myself to actually start building it :) Yep, I sometimes need a big slap to get myself to work! :D I will try to keep you updated with all the progress :)

As for my life, I've noticed that my eyes have been going bad lately, especially when looking at the computer screen, so I was forced to get my eyes checked. I've never had to wear any glasses and now I do. I kind of like this idea because I love geeky style! I might decorate them with mini sweets on the side! :D Oh, so many ideas in my head a being born! ^__^ I might post a picture of me with new glasses, when I buy them ( out of money again!... ) and if I will be brave enough for that! :D 

Here's the link with the tutorial on how to make miniature basket. Enjoy! :)
Next basket tutorial, which I haven't tried out yet

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for visiting my blog! :)


  1. your miniature pics look great

    miniatures for my dolls is how I ended up picking up deco.

    They take so much time to make since everything has to be in a certain scale.

    your wooden spoons look great. How did you make them? is woodworking another one of your talents? I've never tried to make anything wooden so thats really cool.

  2. oh and if you are into making them look shabby you could pick up some crackle paint thats what one of my friend does for her cabinets

  3. Oh wow seeing your miniatures makes me want to start a dollhouse! I always wondered how people made the furniture and such. Did you cut out a piece of wood for the spoon and how about the cookie cutters? :D

    Sorry for the questions but do you have any website or book recommendations?

    Looking forward to more dollhouse miniatures!

  4. Im back again lol

    and you know what I realized while I read this post. I totally forgot I have 6 miniature cabinets I bought like a year ago.

    I cant believe I forgot all about them. They are still in the bag with the receipt. I'll make a post and show you some of the techniques I learned at my miniature doll club

  5. That's really cute!! Could you perhaps show how you made that basket? or did you use a tutorial online somewhere? Love to see more of your things soon!

  6. @ Ammorin:

    I don't think that I will make really complicated furnitures. I will def make some tables, chairs or simple shelves. I know that you can buy ready carved table legs in various sizes (I bought some) and then just cut piece for top and glue it together :)
    And I don't have any websites for now, but if i find any i will def add them here :)
    And mamybe I will make a short tut how to make mini cookie cutters.I just need to think how to explain it, because I usually create things spontaniouslyand! :D

    I've updated the post and you can visit the link which is at the bottom. Enjoy! :D

    I made this spoon using just a pieco of wood from diy store and simple kitchen knife :D It was meant to be a spatula but then my boyfriend grabbed it and carved the round inside of the spoon. I forgot the name of this electric tool now... It's used for engraving etc. I want to learn how to use it :)

    And i've neverheard about crackle paint, i will do some research :)
    I will be really gratefull if you make some posts about different techniques! :D Thank you so much!

    I wil try to keep you all updated on my progress with this house :)
    Thank you for all your comments! ^__^

  7. heyy, where u get air dry clay?? =]

  8. Hi Ling!

    I buy it on Internet. I use Fimo Air Light clay.
    Here's my post with review about this clay: