Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cupcake moulds

Hello everyone!
I know that I promised to post pictures of what I've made yesterday but now I'm too exited to do that :P I will add them later today, I promise. But now I would like to share with you how to make your custom cupcake moulds. I've been looking for tiny cupcake moulds for a while and i couldn't find anything. I tried to create cupcake case texture by hand but it ended up a failure. I also tried to figure out what to fill cases with to create cupcake base. Well polymer clay is just to hard and it destroy the shape of the case. I tried to glue paper cases to shaped air dried clay but it didn't look nice (it was squashed too much). And this morning I got enlightened how to easily make your own cupcake moulds from any cupcake case you have :D I'm not a professionalist and I don't know if I could classify this post as a tutorial. I will just show you how I've done it. If you would like to try it,I would be happy to know how did it go and if it worked for you too :)

What will you need:
RTV moulding material
It's a two part silicone which you can buy on Internet. It's flexible after curing so it's easier to take out your clay. You can buy them on eBay quite cheap. Just be sure that you buy flexible one because there are also firm types too.
Here is link to the US website i bought my moulding silicone from. I haven't got much experience with silicone moulds but I must say that this silicone is great. It doesn't get hard to quickly and you have at least 5 minutes to work with your mould to achieve desired shape.
Cupcakes moulds
Try to keep them in tall stack as they will keep their shape when you will put them into mould.

And basically that's all you need :)
First you need to mix two parts of moulding material. You have to take the same amount of each part or just follow the instructions of your moulding material. I didn't take a picture how I was holding it because the silicone hardens quite quickly and i didn't have time to do it :D Basically I was holding it in palm of my hand and gently pressing sides of the cupcake with other hand to get a nice texture around.
As you can see above I pressed the case too much inside of the silicone and I ended up with double layer of cases on top. This is really easy to fix :) Just take scissors and cut the top of silicone to desired height :)
I'm not sure if you can do it with firm silicone.
And here is already made cupcake from my fresh mould! You can sprinkle a bit of corn flour into your mould before you put clay into it, but sometimes you can buy non-stick moulding silicone and you might not need to do that. Just read the instructions :)
I have used tiny cupcake moulds, about 4 cm across and 1.5 cm high, but you can make any size you want! It just depends how much silicone you want to use :D You can also make hollow  cupcake cases from it if you don't want to waste your clay and then just fill them up with cream :) I made quite flat cupcake because I haven't got much clay left in this color :P And I add the baked texture onto the clay while it was still in the mould. It's just easier to hold it and you don't destroy the texture around.
And the next tip:
After baking clay (or drying) you can insert your cupcakes into paper moulds and glue them underneath :) I haven't tried this yet, it's just a idea :P but i will try it out :)
Hope this will help some of you. Maybe someone has already discovered it. I must say that I struggled to make cupcakes in size I wanted so this was my life saver :D It all may not sound professional so if you will have any questions please feel free to ask :)
And have fun making cupcakes! ^_^'


  1. nice! I want to make them as small as possible, Maybe I'll just buy I tiny cupcake cabochon and copy it this way :D
    thank you! I'm following you (my blog is in spanish BTW, but if you like something just ask!)

    I hope to see more interesting stuff here soon!!!

  2. Oh yes you can do this with any cabochon you like :) I just wanted proper cupcake shape that is bigger that tiny cabochon but smaller than real life cupcake :P
    And thank you for link to your blog! I'll definetely check it out! :)

  3. Hi !

    "A little question :$ I am just a the moment of making a site that will contain everything about deco, I wanted to ask you if I could make links to your tutorials on there (your name will be mentioned offcourse) What do you think? the link of the site:"

    you can also read the deco den livejournal for more info ^^

  4. Are you cami_s from deco_den? Yeah go for it :) Would you like to join my forum too? Its sooooo fresh and new that basicly there is nothing there -__- I wanted to add some moderators but noone wanted it. Would you like to be one? Giveaway for free! :D

  5. haha :D I already added this tutorial to our site, have a look if you want.
    Very good tutorial! Thanks ^^

  6. Wow I'm really flattered ^_^ It just meant to be a post about how I made them not a proper tutorial but now everybody likes it. I didn't expect that! :D Thank you girls! :)