Friday, 10 September 2010

First cupcakes

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
("Hello everyone!")

I've been quite busy today and I didn't have time to make anything new :( I had a long conversation with someone very important and I've been told that I have to cut my spending. Basically I'm trying to save for my dream home :) (and I would LOVE to have a special little room for my crafts too ^_^'' ) Therefore I will have to start control my shopping habits, especially when buying my craft supplies :( But that seriously made me think about selling some of the things I've made. I mean maybe not now, because I know that I have to practice, but maybe in close future? I just want to have some funds to still be able to make sweets... Oh well, we'll see. For now it's just a thought in my little head -__-''

But anyway. Here are the pictures I promised yesterday. I made these big cupcakes from Fimo Air Dry Clay. I thought it will be white but it just looked like a normal gray paper clay. I didn't know what to do with it. I have already opened it so i decided to try to put them into mini cupcake cases. I don't think they look good (I'm still on my quest to find a way to make perfect cupcake in cases! :D ). I didn't want to waste them so I just practised icing on them. I also made this little stand from a cheap wire and sprayed it with craft paint :D
I'm really sorry for quality of the photos. I took them this evening :(

And these cupcakes below are tiny, about 3cm high. I was going to wrap them into cases cut from actual real cases but it didn't work :( That's why they are plain without the pattern on the bottom.

And the chocolate ones:

Hope you enjoyed it :)


Mata ashita! (^_^)'
"See you tomorrow!"


  1. You made the stand by yourself, wow, I was going to ask you where you found one that small. :)

    The cupcakes are adorable, and good luck on getting your dream house. *__*
    I know what house I'd want, but it would require millions of dollars that I don't have. XD

  2. I thought they were real! *3*
    The look too delicious!

  3. Rin:
    I was loking on Internet for a small cupcake stand and I couldnt find anything. And then I found an old wire and I just kind of made it using my jewellery pliers :D
    And about the house. I know, everyone wants to have massive masion but think how long would it take to clean it! :D And I think I like coasy cottages with gardens :P (I might be just getting OLD! -__-''

    Thank you so much! ^__^

  4. Yeah, you do make a good point in regards to the cleaning, I could not imagine getting a two story mansion with 6 rooms and cleaning it myself! But I think the reason why the house I want is so expensive is because of the city it's located in, rather than the size. ):

  5. Yeah location is the key. May i ask where would you like to live then? Hollywood? :D

  6. No, not Hollywood! Too many people there, and it seems a bit dangerous.
    I want a house in my hometown; it's a little suburban town in Northern California; you've probably never heard of it, but it's called Saratoga?
    Houses used to be pretty inexpensive there like 20+ years ago, and then that technology-Silicon Valley thing occurred, and prices skyrocketed... D:

  7. I dint like Hollywood too. Too many weird and plastic people :D But I know the name of your town, I'm not sure where from. TV propobaly :D Don't know anything about this silicone thing tho :P But I thought that there is credit crunch everywhere and house prices are falling down. Isn't it the same in US?