Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hello Pink Kitty!

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
("Hello everyone!") *

Hello everyone!
Many of you who don't like in UK may not heard the big news about the pink cat. Yes, pink cat! :D Girl living in UK, who loves pink and has dyed pink hair herself, decided to dye her cat PINK! ^o^

And here is a picture of "Hello Kitty":)

The girl put photos of her cat on Facebook and then someone "friendly" alarmed RSPCA and they have taken her cat away from her, claiming that this was an act of animal cruelty. I really want to start swearing now because I don't agree with that. What about all the dogs that have to wear stupid outfits and jewellery (and other weird and stupid things) just because their owners want to look fashionable with them? Why no one is taking their animals away from them? Isn't this animal cruelty? It really pisses me off (sorry for language). I'm a great animal lover. I haven't got any animals now because I haven't got flat big enough or much time so I'm waiting for it in the future. And I really hate people like this, who go over the top and make a big thing out of nothing.
Here are some picture I found on Internet and please tell me which animals should be taken away from their owners: the cute pink cat or these ones below:

The dogs on two first pictures are wearing costumes but still they must be really heavy and that IS cruel! The second two are dyed in random colours and they look bad, really bad. I would like to punch that smiling women!

I'm sorry that this post wasn't about nice things but sometimes I have to say what I think, and this news made me really angry. In my opinion this kitty looks cool in pink and food colouring is not dangerous for humans or animals. And apparently kitty is coming back soon to his owner :D
Hope you don't mind me posting about all of this! ^_^'
And I'm interested what do you think about it :)
Thanks for looking!

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!"


  1. I saw some news articles about that cat online, and I agree 100%, giving a cat a bath is not cruel. BUT you can't claim that's not cruel but dyed dogs are just because you think they look ugly. Why do you want to punch that woman? She probably loves her dog, you honestly have no idea whether she does or not, so it's silly and rash of you to say something like that online about her. I think that the extreme cuts on those dogs look silly but that doesn't mean it's cruel to them. I honestly think that the way you are reacting is just as silly as the people who thought it was cruel to dye a cat pink, just because they thought it was stupid.

    My opinion on the matter is: most animals don't care what color their fur is, or if they are wearing silly clothes. As someone who has had many dogs growing up, I can tell you that if you put a pink party dress on a dog, and that dog doesn't want to wear it, they won't. They'll pull it off, or sulk around until you take it off. The dogs in these photos look completely comfortable wearing clothes, and completely oblivious to what color they are, so why get up in arms about the owners tacky fashion choices? Of course these things CAN border on cruel (shivering purse dogs who clearly dont want to be outside but are forced to be lugged around come to mine) but in the cases you have posted, all of those dogs look happy enough, so why call cruelty just because YOU think they look silly?

  2. I don't think I'm overeacting. I think that everyone in UK got crazy about this women and the thing she dyed her cat pink. The two first pictures are showing dogs in really stupid outfits and I think that this is just over the top. I can understand normal outfits, like jackets or coats, even if they are covered in blinks etc. This is ok and not cruel.
    But my point was to show people that dying cat pink isn't the reason to take it away from the owner and to call her "deviant". This is just crazy. And yeah, maybe my post was quick and not thought through, but I'm still not changing my mind. This just shows thas some things are widely accepted by public, because the majority is doing this, but if one person in the coutry makes something different, then is called a deviant. Even if this didnt hurt the cat.

    And yeah, I agree that if dogs don't want to wear something they will just pull it off. And they don't really care what colour their fur is :) But you don't know if those dogs are happy on pictures, I don't think you can say that just by looking on these pictures.

    And I just added them to show that that dying cat pink with food colouring is not bad in comparison to these pictures below.

    And thanks for your comment :)
    (BTW I wouldn't punch her :P I'm too small!)

  3. Ok they didn't call her deviant, but defiant. My bad! :D sorry... :P

  4. Awww! This kitty is adorable! I think that is was taken away from it's owner for a simple dye job is terrible!

    Cruelty is more like starving an animal, or beating them, not dyeing their fur or dressing them up.

  5. No. It's cute for about 5 seconds then reality kicks in when you see that this is not CG.

    Culturally, I think you need to understand some things. To do this to a cat is problematic for it's survival outside. Unlike parts of the USA, UK cats are generally allowed to roam freely outside as it is seen as cruel to keep them cooped up in houses and there is nothing like cougars or whatever to cause damage. The UK is generally a nation of cat-lovers so something like this is pretty outrageous.

    Dogs don't have to fend for themselves and I feel are less of a target than a smaller creature like a cat. To get rid of the pink dye is not an option. It is stuck there until the fur comes out and the cat has been in distress while it has tried to be washed.

    This is a typical follow-up UK news story after outrage of a woman who was caught on the owner's CCTV of putting a cat in a huge outdoor waste bin (trash) for no reason.
    It was pretty horrible for pet-lovers or not. So this is why it is a big thing. On it's own, it may not have made national news. But it's bloody stupid.

    The owner was inconsiderate, so much so to affect the cat's chances of being targetted by anything outside it's house. This action can out that cat in danger. Which is why the creature has been taken away from it's inconsiderate owner.

    Thinking this is "cute" (and I am a lover of loads of cute things) I completely disagree with. I hope you can see a different viewpoint.

  6. Sorry *"Dogs don't have to fend for themselves", as in they are not allowed to roam freely outside like cats.

  7. Also sorry, I meant coyotes, not cougars. xD I'm going to bed now.

  8. pinkapplejam:

    I agree, that story about women throwing cat into the bin was just horrible. I couldn't believe that this was real, and how someone can do this to an animal.
    I actualy didn't know that UK is a cat-lovers nation! :D Now thinking about this earlier story, I can understand why someone has alarmed RSPCA. And being honest, I didn't think about dangers that this fur colur can cause to this cat.
    And I apreciate your comment showing me different point of view :)

  9. @mini mo: I agree with you that the outrage over this girl was very over the top, but your post came off, to me, sounding like you were condemning one because you think it's "ugly" and praising the other because it's "cute". Which is a very unfair thing to say and nearly the same thing that the people condemning the girl who owned the pink cat said, just the other way around. I'm not trying to get you to change your mind (I agree with you on most points!), and I don't think you intended the post to sound that way. I just think maybe this post was written in a little too much in anger and you said some things you obviously don't really mean XD Like punching people in the face because you think their dog is ugly.

  10. Oh no I'm sorry that my post sounded like that! See, I don't really read my post through before posting them here :P Maybe I will from now on! :D I just wanted to show that other people do similar or even worse things and no one says a thing.
    And yes, I'm very impulsive person and sometimes I regret what I say or I should say it in different way :) I don't want to sound like a stupid person, saying that kitty is cute because it's pink! :D no, I'm not like that. And yes, sometimes I go OTT and I must say sorry for that :D

    Answering what you said, that I would like to punch her - it wasnt because her dog is ugly. Maybe I shouldn't say that! :D she propobaly used food colouring too... :P

    And oh my gosh, I didnt realize that this will cause so much mess here! :D Next time I will try to be more "politicaly correct" ^o^' (No i propobaly wont! :D )

    Thanks everyone for comments! It was a good "brain storm"! ^__^'