Saturday, 25 September 2010

A little confession & some mangas and animes :)

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

I'm back again. I mean I wasn't away or anything, I was just busy with different things. Well not that busy :D Maybe a bit lazy, maybe a bit depressed or maybe just... I don't know. Sometimes I just have "grey" days, when nothing is working out for me ^_^'
But now I'm back, although without photos of things I made. I did make a lot recently, but I don't want to post them here yet. I want to make a surprise for you (yes you, the people that are following my blog, stalking me or just popping in for a second. If you are reading this - I'm saying big thank you :) .
I think I have finally finished my Etsy shop. Policies are done, I have checked shipping rates at my post office, I know what I will wrap them in (I got really cute boxes ^^) and I finished my banner. I think I might have gone a bit over the top, but oh well - I can change it in a future if I'll get a better idea for it :) It looks exactly the same as the one I've put here (look on the top of the page :) .
I have also created a fan page on Facebook for Etsy shop. I mean, I know that I'm not famous or something, it will be just to promote the shop. This is a hint for all of you having Etsy shops - create a fan page on FB :) I might also use it as a fan page for this blog. I'm not sure yet. I don't want many of my FB friends to know about my blog or Etsy. I'm really shy and sensitive for any nasty comments -____-'

But what I really wanted to share with you (except of that rubbish at the beginning :P ) is anime! :D Yeah, I've spend some time reading other people blogs and I started to think about anime and mangas again :) So I thought that I could show you which mangas and anime I really like (or watched in the past and enjoy them :) No, it's not meant to be like: "Hey look at me!" Naah, it's a blog so I'm sharing :)

First Sailor Moon. It wast THE first anime I watched. It was broad casted in my country and straight away I fell in love with japan, anime, mangas and everything asian :) I remember coming back from school and watching episodes, every day. And even if they were so similar to each other, I never got bored of them! :D And I must say that I've never read Sailor Moon manga. I think that anime is much more beautiful (saying that i think that I might get punched by someone! :P ).

 And does anyone remember this guy! Gigi la Trottola! Well at least that's how I know him! :D THE funniest anime after Dragon Ball and Yattaman! (I will mention them later :P) I just loved his faces and character! And he was the sweetest boy ever in any anime series! :D 

Yattaman was also cool :) I loved that little piggies! :D

And off course Dragon Ball!
I think that my favourite series were the first ones. And they were the funniest! Later everything just got to serious :)

And here is I think my THE most favourite title:
Oh! My Goddess!
(Aa! Megami-sama)
This series have totally influence my drawing style. I am a big fan of Kosuke Fujishima's style. It's just amazing. The hair, clothes, the movement of fabrics, the lines, colours, faces and emotions, storyline...... Oh too many things to mention here! If you haven't seen this series, you just have to at least see one episode or check manga. This is just a classic in my humble opinion ^__^'
And I still can't decide which character is my favourite! They are all amazing and so individual that it's just too hard to decide! :D

And so I think I owe all of you a big apologies for a massive post :D and say thank you for those of you who actually read thins till the end and are reading these words now ^_^'
I will try to post more often in the future, I promise. It might not be about deco sweets every time, as I'm back to work full time now, but I will try it to be equally interesting for you.
And one more time - big thank you for following me. I didn't expect to have so many followers! :D Yes, this number 12 is a lot for me! :D
Till the next time!

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!


  1. HI!

    I have fun reading you, and the the things you make are sooo cute! I love them, and I wish you succeed with your etsy shop! (BTW, where's the link???)

    I want to thank you for your comments on my blog too, I guess if I get enough english readers I might write both in spanish and english :D

    I'm having a givaway because of my 1500 visits, you're invited to participate too!

    this is the link
    in order to participate you have to follow my blog, leave your name and email in that entry and make a post or add that image to your blog to invite more people to participate. It's open to everyone who follows that rules, anywhere in the world!

    Hope to see you around soon! (i'm i-fran from LJ, I got to know your blog from the deco comm).

  2. Wow thank you so much! You made my day! I mean, my evening because it's late evening now in UK :P Thank you for beliving in me, it means a lot :)
    I don't want to add my Etsy link now because I haven't listed anything yet. I'm stil strugling with proper photos :( That's the key thing.

    And I would love to participate in your giveaway! I've never done that so it should be fun! :D I will make a post and add your image.
    I would like to make a giveaway too (I have some things I made, I don't know if they are good but they are just sitting in my drawers). Maybe I will do it but I don't know how. Do you give your things for free but people are paying for postage? Otherwise you would pay fortune for posting everything right?

  3. Haha I think we have really different tastes in anime and manga! My favourites have always been Death Note, Gintama, and the really freakin' scary Monster! Monster was amazing though, but I couldn't sleep for two days :(. But right now my favourite is Gintama... actually, I haven't been working much these few days because i've just been watching Gintama!

    I did like Sailor Moon though but I didn't watch a lot of it... but Sailor Mercury was my favourite:).

  4. I know the Death Note a little, i watched one episode and then kind if stopped. I don't know Gintama or monster at all, I might watch it if you say it's so good :D I want to watch some new animes but it's so many of them now and it's hard to choose for me ^^.

    I must just say that these animes I mentioned above are the very first I watched and they got me into japanese culture. They were only at the begining, later I found out about Clamp (like Chobbits, Rayearth Knight, X, RG Veda), Ranma, Witch Hunter Robin, Blood the last vamipre, Gunnm (Alita) and more. So I dont want all of you to think that these animes are the only ones I like ^_^ I might make an entry about animes and mangas I like at the moment :)

    I dont remember which one was mercury though! ^o^ I think I liked the one with dark blue (purple) outfit with short black hair and like a death long saw.... I think... She was in the lastest series.

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